Utah symbols jk jenna

The elk became the state animal in 1971
It was adopted in the offtail state
a act of legistree
cherries where adopted in 1997
Utah state fish was adopted in 1997
adopted in 1959
the song was adopted in 2003
Utah state gem was offal in 1969
Utah state veggetabler
adopted in 2014
adopted in 1913
adopted in 1998
adopted in 1955
adopted in 1994


Created with images by < J > - "Flowers" • Unsplash - "elk field wildlife" • Josch13 - "hiking bees bees hive" • ltldemo - "Demo Pictures 002" • Potztausend - "cherry blossom white sky" • TexasDarkHorse - "Indian Hot Springs in Utah - Path of spring after it passes the tubs." • robert.claypool - "United States Flag" • ISchneider - "nature arches national park national park" • Ryan Hallock - "Escalante Nights." • denebola2025 - "Definitely worth it" • USA-Reiseblogger - "usa america south west" • expertinfantry - "69th Anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor - Department of Defense Image Collection" • James St. John - "Mammuthus columbi (fossil Columbian mammoth) (Upper Pleistocene; Huntington Reservoir, Utah, USA) 1" • Claudio Gennari ..."Cogli l'attimo ferma il tempo" - "Of momentum ..." • James St. John - "Gold mass (alluvial gold) (Kalgoorlie region, Western Australia) 1"

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