Rainforest Biome


Sunlight: Direct Light all year long. The sunlight does not reach the forest floor because the canopy of large plant leaves is blocking the sun.

Temperature Range: 80 -90 degrees F. Very hot all year long, so plants grow all year long.

Precipitation: 80-260 in. per year. Promotes lots of plant growth, which attracts lots of animals.

Soil: Poor soil with very few nutrients.

Human Effect: Deforestation (cutting trees to clear land)

Causes of deforestation: Farming, Mining, and Logging- lumber.

Plants and Animals

Snakes are carnivors in the Rain Forest
Orchids are a plant in the Rain Forest
Toucans are omnivores in the Rain Forest.
Poinsettias are a plant in the Rain Forest.
Frogs are carnivores in the Rain Forest
Bananas are a plant in the Rain Forest
Butterflies are herbivores in the Rain Forest


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