Pax Sara Pennypacker

"One wrong choice or act does not define you or your future."

“no matter how bad things got, we could always make ourselves new again” (117)

Peter says this quote to Vola when they are talking about the phoenix. After Peter says the quote, Vola does not respond. The author is trying to show the reader, there is room in our lives for change and improvement, in both good and bad ways. The quote relates to my theme statement because Vola made a bad choice by killing someone. After meeting Vola, Peter was able to change in a good way, by becoming stronger.

"He was tall, but Pax saw that his body didn’t look like Peter’s-this boy’s shoulders were thrown wide, and braced under one was a narrow pole. Stranger still, this boy held his head high, not canted downward. He faced the men in defiance, something Pax had never seen him do, and raised his fist and shook it at them.”

Pax says this quote when he is describing Peter after being away from him for a long time. He does not think it is his boy, Peter, but then realizes it is. The author is explaining how Peter changed after staying with Vola. The quote relates to my theme statement, because it shows how Peter changed over a short period of time.

My theme statement, and the quotes relate to Peter's father, Vola, and Peter. It relates to Peter's father because he was never really loving like he should be towards Peter. He then changes because when he sees Peter for the first time in months, he hugs him, which he rarely does. It relates to Vola because when she was in the war, she killed someone, but changed because she started being more caring toward people. It also relates to Peter because at the end of the story Pax does not recognize Peter because he has become a lot stronger and grew taller.

In the story, the phoenix relates to the quotes and my theme statement. The phoenix symbolizes how you can start a new beginning and change. The phoenix helped develop the theme because Peter explains to Vola how the Phoenix symbolizes a change. Most of the characters in the story go through some sort of change throughout the story.

This is an image of the phoenix.


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