Today I am going to speak to you about different parts of cricket.

Steve Smith is the Australian captain.

This is Steve Smith getting someone out. Steve Smith is in the position slips.

This is David Warner and his wife having a baby.

David Warner getting a century. (A century is when you get one hundred runs.)

Steve Smith bowls leg-spin.

This is David Warner going out with his wife.

This is a picture of Steve Smith as a young child. He must have enjoyed cricket.

Kids can be good at cricket as well as adults. Do you know what the BBL is? Well it's the BIG BASH LEAGUE. The people in the BIG BASH LEAGUE wear very bright tops. In cricket you can get people out in 3 different ways. You can get them out by bowling them out, catching the ball or running them out by throwing the ball at the stumps.

Stumps and bails

Stumps are a thing that you throw the cricket ball at or bowl at. Stumps have things called bails. You need to knock the bails off the stumps to get the person out.

This is a cricket ball that they use at night time games.
This is a PUMA cricket bat.


The first thing to do in bowling is to put your hand over your head. The second thing to do is to bend down and release the ball out of your hand. The third thing to do is to bend down a little more and direct the ball to where you want it to go.


Fielding is when you try and catch the ball. Or you try to throw the ball at the stumps when the person that hit the ball hasn't got to the stumps.

Cricket pitch

A cricket pitch is something that you bowl on. On it you can also run if you were the person who hit it.


Batting is when you are hitting the ball. You can get heaps of runs when you are batting. A four or a six or an eight are the highest scores you could get. A six is when you hit the ball over the boundaries without it hitting the ground before it goes over the boundaries. A four is when the ball bounces before it hits the boundaries. An eight is when you make four single runs but then when the person who was fielding it threw it to far and none of the other fielders touched the ball and it hit the boundaries.

Slips and Wicket Keepers

Wicket keepers are a fielder that stand behind the stumps. They have gloves. The gloves help them catch the ball. Wicket keepers have helmets to protect them from the ball. Slips are a fielder that are behind the wicket keeper. Slips don't have helmets like wicket keepers. Slips also don't have gloves. But they are still good at catching.

These are stumps from the big bash league.

This is what a Big Bash game looks like. It's Renegades verses Hurricanes.

Cricket balls aren't as soft as you think.

Wooden cricket bats are good for hitting the ball.

Question for the class:

Do you know any cricket players?

These are some of my favorite cricket players:

Steve Smith
David Warner
Usman Khawaja
Nathan Lyon
Mitchell Starc
Josh Hazlewood

Cricket is a summer sport.

Created By
Zephaniah de Hoog

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