The BIG GIS Data Short Aggressive contracts and conditions

The last year has seen many companies trying to reduce spend while also increasing value on that spend. Companies are asking vendors to share that vision by proving their value and showing their commitment to their customers. Under the spotlight, and one of the ways companies are trying to reduce their spending, is the yearly spend on GIS data.

Unfortunately, the finer details of the contracts often come to light when it comes time to change. Oil prices slumped, and most oil and gas companies started to re-evaluate their yearly contracts. With reduced costs becoming a priority, companies started asking vendors for help in the hope for improvements. A couple of things that stood out are: auto-renew clauses and renting (borrowing) data. Many of the contracts had ninety day auto-renew clauses. These same contracts also required the complete removal of data. It was then that companies realized the problem they faced. GIS Managers and buyers of data were put in a situation of trying to reduce costs while being strong-armed by a contract that had aggressive clauses and conditions. Most believed that their options were limited.

For the past year, we have been focused on helping companies move away from these unforgiving contracts by converting them to land grid datasets (and other GIS datasets) that provide reduced costs, customer ownership and without the surprise clauses (such as those auto-renewal clauses or those borrowed data clauses). Our typical enterprise customer saves $30,000 on land grid costs in the first year; $46,000 in the second year; and $122,000 over three years. Depending on the vendor, the savings can be much greater.

Why the title "The Big GIS Data Short"? This is how one of our customers recently described their past situation when it came to their GIS data contract. By saving their company more than $150,000 over three years we helped improve their situation while putting the customer back in control.

How can we help?

All of our basemap data is owned by our customers, with updates or maintenance optional. Our datasets include land grid, culture (roads, rivers, railroads, powerlines, etc.), tax parcel data, and data streams (satellite imagery, topos, shaded relief, culture, geology, and more).

We cater to both the enterprise customer, but also geoscience and GIS desktop customers by providing customized schemas and multiple file formats, supporting every environment and application.

More than anything, we treasure and care about our customers. Sharing the vision and needs of our customers is our number one priority.


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