Morgan Stanley

Who They Are

  • Founded in 1935
  • American multinational financial services corporation, most commonly known for investment banking
  • 24 countries and have more than 1,300 offices and 60,000 employees
  • Are an inclusive and diverse company that promotes hard work
  • Main competitors within field include Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup

Facts and Figures

  • Revenue: $32.493 billion (2013)
  • Operating Income: $3.591 billion (2014)
  • Net Income: $3.467 billion (2014)
  • Total Assets: $807.72 billion (2016)
  • Total Equity: $70.90 billion (2014)

Why I chose this company

  • Are located in all major cities within US
  • They provide many types of investment and wealth management options to their clients
  • Clientele ranges from families to business depending on the positon in the company
  • Because they are such a large company, they have great opportunities for moving up within the company
  • They offer investment banking opportunities which relate directly to the finance field

What is investment banking?

  • Have services for both corporations issuing securities and investors buying securities
  • Offer information on when and how to place their securities on the open market
  • Analyze trends in the market and develop financial forecasts

Why do it?

  • Have interest in corporate finance
  • Enjoy a fast paced, high-intensity environment
  • Want to learn a lot and work with highly motivated people

Position I Found

Financial Analyst

  • Manage various aspects of clients money
  • Offer advice for different investment opportunities
  • Work with statistical software to create forecasts

To Sum It Up

  • Have offices located in every major city
  • Offer a variety of financial services to clients ranging from families to major corporations
  • Have many different positions available, most notably investment banking
  • Offer many opportunities to move up company ladder

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