Russia & Chechnya Conflict Project By: Kali gordon & Josh erickson

The conflict is in Russia and it's between Russia and Chechnya.

Chechnya wants sovereignty from Russian but Russia doesn't want to give sovereignty.

The people involved in this conflict is the Russian government and the Chechen rebels.

Chechnya's main religion is Islam but Russia's main religion is Orthodox Christianity.

Sovereignty is being fought over and the conflict affects surrounding areas and countries.

Chechnya isn't it's own state so it's political situation is the same as Russia.

The situation began in 1991 when Chechnya declared independence from Russia. Russia didn't want Chechnya to be a sovereign state because it would lead to other regions wanting to be free and Chechnya also produces oil for Russia so they went to war in 1994.

Chechnya wants sovereignty and Russia doesn't want Chechnya to have sovereignty.

History has affected this conflict greatly because when the Soviet Union fell Chechnya decided they wanted to be a sovereign state.

The U.S. should be concerned about this conflict because Russia's forcing Chechnya to be apart of their country even though Chechnya has claimed independence. The U.S. has supported Chechnya and taken in refugees from Chechnya. The U.S. should continue to support Chechnya but not get completely involved in the conflict.

This conflict could be solved by Russia giving Chechnya independence. For this conflict to be solved Russian government will have to decide to allow Chechnya the sovereignty they've been fighting for.

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