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My writing process for long papers is what I would assume is similar to many other students in the class coming out of high school. I begin by thinking of my topic at the very last minute. From there I would always try to find a few ideas that I could base my main points of the paper on that would have some substance to them. I would get a hot hand and bang out my paper in the quickest amount of time possible before sitting back and taking a break for a little while. Then I would return to what at this point would be the equivalent of any great writer’s final draft such as Shakespeare or Faulkner, and begin to read it over. If I noticed any grammatical or other error, I would quickly fix it. I was hardly ever able to find a reason to change anything of serious meaning in the paper such as a paragraph or switch the order of sentences, but when I did, it was incredible. The thought process that goes behind editing an already great paper is incomprehensible to many. From here I would turn in my paper the next day with imaginative hooters girls and cheerleaders cheering me on as I walked to put it in the basket. I would pat myself on the back as I sat down with accomplishment.

My writing process is similar to Lamott’s process in that I have a period of time before I start where I go on a brain journey unravelling the depth of human problems. When I come back from this spiritual trip, I usually know what I want to write about. My process differs in the almost every other way. I avoid editing and drafts as much as possible, and I sit down every time writing prose that will echo through the ages.

If time were not in the picture, then I would most likely be much more invested in the work and take the time to do the little things. I would write outlines, multiple drafts, and maybe even let a close friend read over it. I am saying all of this now, however I do not see myself having a paper that I do not have a time restraint on.

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