Russia By melania

Country Data

_Name: Russia_Capital: Moscow_

_Population: 138,082,178_Currency: Ruble_

_Time Difference: 8 Hour Ahead_

Did you know Red Square is in the middle of Moscow? Russia is a huge cold country and is the only country that touches two continents. Most people in Russia Watch, do, or teach dance. People come to Russia to visit Red Square, learn about Anna Pavlov, and celebrate Pancake Day!

Red Square

Do you know Red Square is located in the middle of Moscow? It is! One of the main reasons people go to Red Square is to see the Kremlin. The Kremlin is almost like an Army base, but if anything it is really important to Red Square's history. The Red Square is called this because of all the fighting and blood. One fun fact about Red Square is that all of the building and statues have no nails! Red Square has been called many other names such as Fire Square because of the many times it burned. The people in Red Square Originally called it Krasnyi which meant beautiful but now means red. I would love to go to Red Square!

Anna Pavlova

Who is Anna Pavlova? Anna Pavlova was born February 12, 1881 in St. Petersburg on a snowy winter day. Anna's Family was poor but her mom saved enough money for Anna to see the dance performance Sleeping beauty when she was 8 years old. By the time Anna finished watching the show she know what she wanted to be. Anna Pavlova soon started taking dance classes. Her dancing skills got better and better Anna is famous for being the first person to dance in Swan Lake. Anna was on a train the train crashed Anna was fine but she had to wait twelve hours in the cold waiting for a rescue truck because Anna was wearing thin clothes she soon got sick. Her sickness was called double pneumonia and after she got sick she died. Anna died on January twenty third at the age of fifty. The most interesting fact about Anna Pavlova is that she was buried in her swan costume.

Pancake Day

Pancake day is a sun festival its created by a god name Volo. Even though its called pancake day it can last for a week, during this week meat is forbidden and the only item really eaten is dairy products. The reason why they allow dairy is to make pancakes. Only there aren't normal everyday pancakes, these pancakes are called crepes and are really really thin but they are quite large. One cool thing about this holiday is that everyday has a theme. Monday is when people show welcoming to lady Maslenitsa then people build Maslenitsa by weaving straw around a pole. After they finish building they make pancakes and march around the pole. The first pancakes made are given to the poor. On Tuesday young men go around looking around for a fiancee's to marry after lent. On Wednesday sons in law may visit their mothers-in-law who are prepared Pancakes. On Thursday people do outside activities such as sledding, skating, or having a snowball fight. On Friday sons in law May visit their mothers-in-law for dinner. On Saturday it's the gathering for a young wife and her sisters or sisters-in-law for a good relationship. Pancake day is awesome!

Are you curious about anything else in Russia? This country is known for being really really big. This is an amazing place to learn about a Anna Pavlova, visit Red Square, and celebrate Pancake Day!


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