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The Masters of Endurance is a new digital magazine dedicated to the World's top endurance drivers, teams, sponsors and events. Each publication is devoted to one special story, covering the activities, relationships and behind the scenes action off the track as well as highlights from the World's top endurance events. Masters of Endurance brings a new level of access and engagement to fans and sponsors.

Masters of Endurance is produced and published by New Channel Media, a full-service media company based at Silverstone in the United Kingdom.

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Masters of Endurance gives you a fresh, dynamic platform to showcase your endurance season.

  • Perfect for fan engagement.
  • Ideal for satisfying sponsors, and attracting new interest.
  • If you are a driver looking for new endurance opportunities, this is for you.
  • If you are a team looking for funded drivers or new sponsors, contact us today.


There is one thing we need from you:


To meet the latest motor sport PR and marketing expectations, collaboration is essential, and access to you, your team, your sponsors and agreed parts of your life off the track is what we need to be able to tell your Masters of Endurance story.


Our team prepares a production plan for all the assets required to pull your story together. This is likely to include:

  • Video interviews and action;
  • Audio interviews (no camera);
  • Photojournalism style photography and videography on and off the track;
  • All your social media links for publication;
  • Travel with you and/or your team;
  • Coverage of meetings with fans, sponsors, team, and family as agreed.


With all assets collected, we go to work to create a fully interactive, digital magazine featuring you, your team, your sponsors, your entire endurance racing life.

The digital magazine is made available with versions for Apple Books and Android, as well as any platform that supports an up-to-date Adobe Reader (which is pretty much the standard everywhere).

You get a website, similar to this one, featuring you, and with a link to your digital magazine.

We recoup our costs on the backend, with partner contracts, advertising sales, and subscriptions. And of course if you or your sponsor want to commission something, we will offer loyal-customer rates!


New Channel Media brings a rare blend of skills, experience and passion:

  • More than 30 years of motorsport involvement;
  • FIA and ACO accredited;
  • More than 25 years of corporate communications, marketing and sales, in high-tech industries, in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa;
  • More than 30 years of creative writing and photojournalism experience including 15 years of documentary film-making;
  • Published in newspapers, magazines and books around the World;
  • We are experts in effective communication, messaging, and positioning.


Contact us directly, for a friendly chat with no strings. We are not hardened sales folks; we are creatives with a passion for motor sport and a strong commercial understanding.

Why not take advantage of that and get in touch today.

We invite you to be our next Master of Endurance.

Download a sample of our work Contact us for a free download code.

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