Southern Colonies! JT W.

The Southern Colony's Economy

The Southern colonies have good soil for farming and growing stuff to make money. Growing seasons are longer unlike the New England colonies. People can also chop trees down and make ships! Tobacco was also a successful crop in the South. Here are some of the industries in the south, shipbuilding, indigo plantations, wheat farms, and shops.

The Southern Colony's Geography

The Southern colonies have warmer weather than any other colony. They have good soil for their crops to grow! The soil allows people to grow Indigo, wheat, tobacco, and much more!

Reason For Founding

The English founded all 13 colonies including the Southern. The English also thought that they were entitled to the land. They sailed over the Atlantic and settled in the Southern Colonies. They wanted a safe place for Catholics in the southern. The reasons for all 13 colonies was to make money!

The Southern Colonies were beautiful!

Facts You Might Not Know!

Georgia (the last colony founded of the 13) was a buffer zone to protect the more expensive colonies. It also had a lot of prisoners in a place called Savannah GA! Today Virginia has a historic museum that talks about how all the colonies were formed.

"Cold up North Come down South"

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