Week in sports: 1/09/17 Office of Continuous School Improvement

CSI WEEK IN SPORTS is for CSI Staff, Office of Post-Secondary Readiness and District collaborators; detailing weekly updates, events, & highlights.

Week 18/36

Every Student Thrives!

"What you seek is seeking you."

- rumi


Facilities Utilization

OUSD 2017-18 Facility Utilization Estimator Sheets have been generated and distributed to principals

Tool is used to begin assessing possible space for new, expanding and relocating programs. It is understood that all schools in some way use ALL of their available space. The Estimator is a tool to nonetheless maximize the efficient use of facilities.

Expectation is that the Estimator Sheets are shared with ILT to bring awareness to the tool.


SPF Tiering

As part of our Soft Roll-out regarding Defined Autonomies, we have established a 2016-17 Tiering of schools. The Tiering is based on a focus of Academic Growth.


  • Reinforce expectations that specific schools prioritize their resources for certain improvements
  • Guide prioritizing central investments & supports
  • Identify schools who may be eligible (with Strong school site governance) for access to increased autonomies


Keep this hit record on the air... contact CSI to receiving Department training on how to read and use the SPF and KPI's.

CSI Sponsoring attendees of Carnegie Summit on Improvement in Education

Nominate yourself or someone else who supports schools to improve, pick sessions to attend above, and tell us briefly how attending is likely to support your work. Great training and learning opportunity!!!

Email corey.donahue@ousd.org


January 9

  • Prop 39 District Principal Consultations
  • Prop 39 Charter Leader Consultations
  • Executive Cabinet
  • Rogers Foundation Staff Orientation w/ SPF
  • CSI Team 1:1's
  • KSR Google Hang-out Alignment Meeting
  • Elevation / CSI / OCE Coordinating Meeting

January 10

  • LPS Renewal Site Visit
  • Prop 39 District Principal Consultations
  • SIG Steering Committee Meeting
  • Opening Doors Integration Grant Meeting
  • CSI Team 1:1's
  • CSI / Engagement Team: MLK/ West Oakland Planning

January 11

  • Supt Workplan Update
  • Prop 39 Consultations
  • SPF Project Team Meeting
  • ERS Weekly Planning Meeting
  • KSR School Restart Team Mini-retreat
  • CSI Team 1:1's
  • Oakland Kids First SPF Curriculum Planning Mtg
  • BOE Closed Session Lakeview Facility
  • BOE Meeting: Budget Prioritization

January 12

  • Principal Professional Learning
  • Consultation Grass Valley
  • Prop 39 Consultations
  • Thrival 2017-18 Planning Mtg
  • SSD Planning Meeting
  • Equity Audits in Schools Planning Mtg
  • Sankofa Facility - Long-term Planning Mtg
  • CSI Team 1:1's
  • Rudsdale Walkthrough's for Oakland SOL

January 13

  • Cabinet Meeting
  • SSD Session
  • SSD Follow-up Planning
  • Facilities Equity Pledge
  • Bret Harte Long-term Planning Mtg
  • Castlemont Facility Meeting

School Portfolio Management 2016-17 Updates

School Quality Reviews

OUSD Launched School Quality Reviews this fall in six (6) sites.

ILT's have begun processing several priority areas identified in their SQR process. Along with their Strategic Partners, the Elevation network is assisting the leadership is diving deeper into their action planning using the results of the SQR evaluation.

We expect to share the report with various departments and network partners working with the school to better understand the context, assets and needs.

Please find their SQR Reports linked. PLEASE REVIEW...

MLK / Lafayette / West Oakland Middle:

SSD Approves Phased Plan: 1/6/17

  • Invest in PK-8 Continuum Feeder to McClymonds
  • Recommend Phased Reconfigure three schools to single program
  • 2 campuses: PK-3 Primary and 4-8th grade Upper Program

PHASE I: Beginning 2017-18

  • Merge Martin Luther King Jr., Lafayette Elementary into single PK-5 school across two campuses:
  • PreK-3rd Primary on the MLK Campus (early learning focus)
  • Grades 4-5th Upper on the Lowell Campus (STEAM intensive)

PHASE II: Beginning 2019-20

  • Merge West Oakland Middle School with MLK/Lafayette thru single continuum of programming and administration

Board Decision: February, 2017 (Tentative)

Please contact David Montes de Oca & Pablo Villavicencio with questions.

KPI's - Key Performance Indicators

Future Updates

To include:

  • Effective Practices Sharing
  • School Re-Tool

Office of Continuous School Improvement

Helps schools and our district become the "Best at Getting Better"

Key Functions:

  • Measuring & reporting school performance annually & throughout the year using SPF and KPI's (district & charter)
  • Designing & implementing tools for strategic school site planning, progress monitoring of programs, analysis and reporting of what's working & not working, and sharing effective practices
  • Identifying schools for Intensive supports or eligibility for Innovation; & coordinating access & implementation of those supports and services
  • Facilitating decision-making and implementation of new schools, grade configuration expansions, & charter reauthorizations, school mergers or consolidations, and school closures
  • Facilitating team responsible for ensuring annual allocation of facilities for new and/or growing schools, changing programs, and charter school requests

We remain lean by collaborating across the district to ensure that Quality is Everyone's Responsibility


Please Contact David Montes de Oca with Immediate Questions at david.montes@ousd.org

OUSD Selects its Values!

Students First - Equity - Excellence - Integrity - Cultural Responsiveness - Joy

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