An abundance of Katherines John Green

Colin Singleton is a very intelligent teenager, who has a photographic memory and loves anagramming, his only flaw is that he is attracted to girls named Katherine. Until now he has dated 19 Katherines and got dumped 19 times. Colin is heartbroken that Katherine 19 broke up with him so his best friend Hassan Harbisch, who is overweight and has an extremely weird sense of humor and who dropped out of school, go on a road trip to cheer Colin up.

19 Katherines

They come in a place called Gutshot, a small town in Texas with only one diner and a big tampon factory. They bump into a girl named Lindsey lee Wells who lives there and Collin and Hassan stayed at her mom, Hollis who owns the factory, and her place, an enormous mansion. In return for a bed they help Lindsey with interviewing old factory workers. In the mean time Colin is trying to create a Theorem which can predict an relationship. He is busy analyzing his relationships and trying to find a pattern. every time he and a Katherine get in to a relationship and he gets more attached they dump him.... Maybe because he remembers every single detail and that always starts arguments or is it that he is to obsessed with anagramming and quoting poets?


Lindsey has a boyfriend named Colin aka T.O.C (the other colin), he is an idiot who cheats on her with her best friend. Lindsey knows about this but she doesn't care, she is planning to leave the small town soon and start a new life in a big city. Hassan is a very strict muslim and he is busy dealing with the fact that he has never kissed a girl before. Hassan is trying to talk to Colin about his problems but the only thing Colin cares about is his Theorem. When Hassan goes talk to Lindsey they get very close and Colin feels like his best friend dumped him.

On the last day in Gutshot they, Colin Hassan (who were still in a big fight) Lindsey T.O.C and his friends, went on a feral hog hunt. Colin and Hassan got lost and Hassan went looking for food, leaving Colin alone again. Colin found Lindsey in a cave watching the stars, the cave is her secret place where she comes to think. Lindsey doesn't get why colin is so obsessed with Katherines and Colin tells his whole dating life story.

The next morning colin wakes up and Hassan and Lindsey are nowhere to be found. Everywhere he asks nobody has seen them. When he wants to go work on his theorem he goes to the secret cave, he sees Hassan al blushing because he just had his first kiss!

When colin and hassan are about to leave Lindsey asks; "why did Kathine 1 dump you?" that is the moment Colin realizes that Katherine 1 didn't dump him....


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