Gardening for Wildlife in Canada the Ottawa Valley: A look back at February 2016 in pictures

Ground feeders in the back yard February 2016
Bohemian waxwings in ornamental crab apple (front yard) - such a privilege!
Ice-encrusted maples in the sunset
Drowsy red squirrel in Freeman maple (back yard)
Snow laden land: Birdbath cloaked in powder and diamonds
Female cardinal in blizzard (back yard)
Black-capped chickadee with safflower seed (back yard)
A handsome blue jay in American bittersweet (back yard)
Pair of mourning doves in white spruce (side yard, east)
European starling in American bittersweet (back yard)
Finches and tree sparrow (back yard)
Young male downy woodpecker in maple
One of our noble crows (back yard)
February in the yard

Ice-encrusted grass beads...

Maple buds showcased in frozen rain

Crystalized Echinacea

Glassy larch twigs

American goldfinches in American bittersweet
Male northern cardinal in American bittersweet (back yard)
Snow White in the back yard, with hope for happy endings.

"...Because it takes a community to save a corridor..."

These photos were all taken in our wildlife-friendly yard in the Ottawa Valley, where we garden to provide habitat, leaving the bugs to the birds and spiders, leaving the leaves, and loving the results!


Mike and Susan Gallinger

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