Blackrock - Iron & Fire 2002 - "Leaving Yorke"

In the space between Pacha Mama and Kauai, I am led once again to the City of Dreams. It is clear to me that I cannot survive in New York, this will be my first stop before heading to this island called 'Kauai'.

The landscape of Blackrock is so deep within the realms of Fire. I am loving the existence of such a place; the Incarnate manifestation of a magickal city which appears for only two weeks in the desert. Such is a place of deep dreamwork, where the people reveal their inner essence, safe and secure in the cauldron of the burning Sun.

It seems a mirage made real. In which I ended up in places of Iron and Fire, accompanying the firedancing troupe I had made acquaintance with during my stay at Tillary Tower.

. It is here I meet with a beautiful filmmaker who invites me to visit her at a place she calls 'Shangri-Lafayette', in the towne of Lafayette just east of the City of Clouds, known on the surface plane as 'San Francisco'

Blackrock is a city of synchronicities, where the many lines of our destinies find each other, a mapwork of shared providence echoed in the many lines of the playa herself. This will be my second journey to this realm, the first suggested a year previous by Vogel, as we travelled cross-country in a converted u-haul trailer to experience this place for the first time.

Truly, I find this to be a realm of creativity unleashed, where the imagination and aspirant fellowship of humanity is given opportunity to shine under the harshest of conditions.

Before his suggestion, I had no idea such a thing existed. That there was a place where such art ran rampant. Where the many people came together to burn away that which did not serve them, losing and finding themselves in the flush of neon and endless dance.

It is here I have a flash of Love, meeting the very elfin girl I had met at Pacha Mama. Here, in a flurry of balloons and mystical synchronicity, there is happiness. It is a thing of magick, with one event leading into another in beautiful synchrony. One of the only times I will be graced by Love in the dream city, though I will attempt to conjure it's essence many times in the years to come without success.

I am honoured, for it seems I am to spin fire in the inner circle of the City. Such will turn out to be a grace afforded me many times on the Quest, a thing I realize later is the current manifestation of the magick of Fire, of transformation itself, under the auspicies of the Man.

In the burning of the man I have the sense that we are pilgrims, travelers finding their way home. Such is a brief and passing revelation, for I am young, and full of lust and abandon, caught in the shifting tones of my own confusion and aspiration.

Over the years, I will come to see that this is so much more than a city, that she is a portal, a gateway between dimensions, where beings are assisted in their endless becoming. Having made alliance with Christine, I make my way westward, towards San Francisco, to this place she calls 'Shangri-Lafayette'.

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