My Ideal Job Large Animal Veterinarian

What I want be when i grow up

When i am older I have got my mind set on being a vet. The reason I have choosen this job is because I love animals and I especailly love farm aniamls such as sheep cows horses ect so it would be the ideal job for me, to care and love for these animals.

. A veterinarian, or vet, is an animal doctor who treats your pets when they're sick or injured, just like how your doctor helps you when you're suffering from a sore throat or broken leg. Vets also prescribe medication, vaccinate against animal diseases like rabies, perform surgery and advise owners on proper pet care. But pets aren't their only patients. Vets can also look after zoo animals, livestock and animals in sport.

Veterinarians can make $70,000 - $120,000 US a year.

About 75% of students entering vet school are women.

what a-levels do you need to become a vet?


Combining chemistry, biology and either maths or physics


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