Jody's Response

“That’s a lot of power for one individual to have for them to complain and then a lien to be threatened to be put on your property and for you to be fined, and I wonder if it stemmed out of that person’s fear of dogs in general? Was it something from their childhood? Was it just their assumption?” She knew Brixley was far from a violent dog, and had displayed nothing but a sweet, playful temperament with whomever approached her. “There’s no way we could ever get rid of her because she’s part of our family, and I see how people get very, very attached to dogs that they just win your heart over, and Brixley was one of those just sweet, mellow, loving dogs.” There’s a sense of unease in Jody’s words. She knows she could potentially have to give up the dog to keep her family’s home, and it’s painful for her to admit how attached to it she’s gotten. Because this legislation was in place, it didn’t matter how sweet and friendly Jody’s dog was. Someone reported her dog as a pit bull, and the neighborhood was legally required to investigate and enforce the proper protocol to remove what qualified as a dangerous threat from the neighborhood.

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