London Bridge Adonis canada, steven damotta, and adam BraiNErd

About The Bridges:

Three London Bridges were built during different points of time, however; only two exists today. The first bridge, the original, burnt in 1660. This implied a need for a new one, and forced future construction to be started. The next bridge was built in the 1830's, but met a prompt end in 1967, when it was dismantled and relocated to Arizona, in which it resides today in Lake Havasu City. The third one remains in London. It crosses the Thames River, and nearly 26,000 citizens cross it each day. The London Bridge is a arch bridge, built of steel clad. Construction of it originally started after the previous ones demise and ended in 1972. Lord Holford is credited with its final design.

Five Fun Facts:
  1. The romans built the first version of the London bridge.
  2. The first stone version of the London bridge was started by Henry the second.
  3. The severed heads of traitors were impaled in spikes on a tower of the southern gatehouse in full-view of everyone who used the London bridge.
  4. The old London bridge was built with nineteen arches.
  5. The bridge started to sink into the bed of the Thames at about an inch for every eight years.
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