Latin Room Makayla martindale & faith Shimick

"Emperor Augustus is holding a Starbucks cup because just like men who rule the world need motivation and energy, so too teachers need plenty of motivation and energy, and Starbucks is nectar of the gods," said Latin teacher Robert Payne II, who is lovingly referred to as Magister by his students.

The Latin flag also serves as the Latin Club's banner. The flags around the border represent the countries that were part of the Roman Empire. The imperial Roman eagle is in the center, with a motto that translates to 'Many nations, one mother'.

Pass the Cerberus is a form of Hot Potato. Students pass the stuffed dog around, and when Mr. Payne says stop, the holder receives three vocabulary words to define. If they get all three correct, they get candy or extra credit. If they get less than two correct, they must sit in the Underworld and wait for rescue.

"Latin Club created that many years ago," Payne said. "I don't even know how long it's been now. I've been here for 11 years, we've probably had it maybe eight or nine years. It was part of a prop for Homecoming or something of that sort. I don't even know if it was used. They had the idea, maybe it was of like a decoration for the room though too, but also got the idea of turning it into this."

Also featured in Payne's room is a wall of images of the main Greek/ Roman gods. While the Greek/Roman gods and goddesses are now considered mythology to many people, they significantly influenced the lives of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. There were 12 Olympian gods and goddesses that the Greeks and Romans believed to have control over everyday aspects of life.

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