Trust or Not Can you rely on every website or every email?

Do you see a green lock? (The browser will show you a green lock if the website is official.)
Do you see spelling mistakes?

If the design of a website is very ugly or looks outdated, it might be a counterfeit website that tries to steal your money.

Check if they have advertisements

While reading informative websites, consider the information if it is true or not. It might be about a hoax.

For example, the Loch Ness monster is a good example of an internet hoax.


Do you ever get emails from a person you don't know??

If the email asks you for password verification and the email starts with general greetings like " Dear user," or "Dear costumer," It's possible that email is a malicious one.

Sense of urgency-

There might be emails alerting that your account is in trouble. If the email seems to be urging you and asks you for verification, they are trying to steal your password. There might be a link in the email or any attachments.

Scams usually have spelling mistakes in the email.
Is it too good to be true?



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