H3 CAT By Max Martin

Question 1-

Devondale or Murray Goulburn Co-operative, sell dairy products such as long life milk, cheese, butter, cream, breakfast drinks, chilled milk and milkshakes. Devondale source their products from Victorian farms and NSW farms. Devondale are the 5th largest selling food corporation in Australia and New Zealand, they are also the 2nd largest selling dairy corporation in Australia and New Zealand.

Devondale Victorian farms
Devondale NSW farms

Question 2

Disease- if there were to be a disease in the cows, it could cause them to pass away and then Devondale dairy products wouldn't have any cows to produce enough supplies.

Drought- if there were to be a drought, it would cause grass to dry up and die causing the cows to have nothing to eat and drink from the dams because they would be dried out as well. The cows would die and that would effect the supply of dairy products.

Question 3

Competition- competition could effect the demand for their dairy products because the consumers might choose the competors products of theirs, so that could effect the demand.

Sickness- if their dairy products were found to cause sickness, then obviously their products wouldn't be bought or wanted by consumers.

Question 4

Devondale differs from other dairy companies because they are Australian grown and they support Aussie farmers. They are currently supporting 2200 Australian farmers and wish to support more!

Question 5

GDP- how they measure how healthy an economy is for a country.

Question 6

If Devondale stopped exporting their goods to China it would not only have an effect on Devondale the company, it would effect the supply as well due to the massive loss in money. Also, the farmers would be effected because Devondale wouldn't buy as much milk and dairy from the farmers, resulting in the farmers losing more than what Devondale lose.

Step 2

"When China sneezes, Australia catches a cold."

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