Florida By william Noble

The state bird is the mockingbird,the American alligator is the state reptile, the state butterfly is the zebra longwing,the state animal is the Florida panther.

In summer the average temperature is 90*F. In winter the average temperature is 65*F.

Key lime pie is the state pie.

Here is 10 beautiful bugs from florida. The black widow, the eastern velvet ant, southern devil scorpion,the deer tick, the brown recluse, american carrion beetle, the assasassin bug, the bald faced hornet, the american dog tick, and the american oil beetle.

Wally amos was sent to his grandmother who baked great cookies for wally. When wally was old enough he was taught the recipe. Wally helped doing chores, when he was old enough he started a small business when he did people stopped by and it got more popular. Soon wally had an actual big business he hired some workers. Soon the buisness was famous!!

They have potatoes, melons, and you know peanuts.

They love their dairy products!!!

It is still very warm in winter in florida.

There has been better days though. For example, hurricane katrina hit florida in 2005.

Florida is famous, but it is clear florida is not the luckiest state.


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