RASA 30 Valedictory Celebration | From the Director's Desk

As I always say, RASA is a story of Grace . The entire world is governed by the Master and the Master's Force , and so is RASA.

We completed 30 years of service on 27th September 2019 and started celebrating this 30th year with Ekatva, a beautiful event on the same day at the Sivagami Petachi Auditorium (Chennai)

We wanted to celebrate through the year and end it with a valedictory celebration concluding on 27th September 2020, when we complete 31 years of service.

As the Master has willed, we cannot have this valedictory celebration in an auditorium with different events centred on music, dance, storytelling, arts & crafts owing to the current world situation. Hence we decided to conduct a festival online on our Facebook page.

On behalf of RASA, I invite you to this valedictory celebration of RASA 30 which will have 30 hours of celebrating the Arts through our online medium.

Do join us for the RASA 30 valedictory celebrations as we share joy through the Arts.

All RASA 30 events will be presented on our Facebook page with different explorations offering different experiences, along with the oneness that the Arts always provide.

~ Dr. Ambika Kameshwar

RASA 30 | Week 2 [3rd to 9th September 2020]

Log on to our Facebook page to watch the premieres!

Independence Day Celebrations at RASA

This Independence Day, our students at RASA had come together to present an evening filled with art!

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