WVU Libraries Presents a Mini-Online Exhibit: RIVERS

WV Water Ecosystems Provide Habitat and Bio-Diversity

West Virginia (WV) has the highest average elevation east of the Mississippi River, and in turn gets more rainfall. Our state, therefore, plays a vital role in providing the quality and quality of water flowing to the headwaters.

Rivers, streams, wetlands, and lakes also provide habitat for many species. The habitat (physical and chemical characteristics) of these freshwater systems ultimately control what organisms can live there.

All species (including human) need a healthy habitat to survive (food, water, and shelter). Scientists often need to determine if a freshwater system is healthy enough to support these important services, since these services make human life both possible and worth living (e.g. drinking water, food, and recreation).

This mini-exhibit is presented in conjunction with the larger exhibit by WVU Libraries, WATER: A multi-disciplinary exhibit exploring life’s critical resource, on view at WVU’s Downtown Campus Library, 1549 University Ave, in Morgantown, WV, through June 2019.

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