RSPCA Journal Entry 1 Erica Mansouri


The RSPCA is an Australian ,non-government community based charity that provides animal care and protection services as well as its mission to prevent animal cruelty by activity promoting their care and protection, The RSPCA runs 40 shelters and has around 1,000 staff. It overall costs more than $100 million each year to deliver all services, which help Improve, the lives of Australian animals. Majority of the money raised comes from public donations and fundraising initiatives, as well as business partnerships, grants and RSPCA patrons .


The charity is intended for all members of the community especially animal lovers who are not only interested in sheltering stray animals but helping to put a ban to animal cruelty. This Diary cover will be intended for all audience including members of the RSPCA charity as well as the community in order to help promote.


The overall purpose of diary cover design is intended for numerous reasons including, to promote the charity itself , a special item for the members of the RSCPA to own to feel involved in their job and to keep updated and organised with the special events.


Throughout the context of the diary it will be mainly functioned throughout schools, public libraries, education centres , offices and other public places in which a diary will be used by individuals and help promote the charity.


Artwork- 210mm x 296mm landsacpe plus 3 mm bleed with crop marks as the toal size back and front. Artwork divided into the front and back cover - 210 mm x148mm ( portrait). Diary will be spiral bound.( no writting on 5mm either side of the binding area). Colours CMYK + high resolution print quality artwork as PDF. File included as 300 dpi.



The RSPCA is the client of this design task which is a Australian community based charity that works to prevent cruelty towards animals and thus actively promotes their rights to care and protection.

Existing Products throughout this campaign

The Existing products throughout this campaign consist of Calendars, Diaries, Key chains, Hats , apparel , entertaiment books, gift items and pet items.

2017 Calender
2017 Calender
2017 Diary
RSPCA Key Chain
RSPCA shirt

Competitors products

WWF- World Wildlife Fun

WWF Tote Bag
WWF Small Pouch
WWF T shirt
WWF Diary


The target audience throughout the charity, categories around young adults and adults who are eligible to sponser animals and thus partake in charity events. Furthermore in order to attract individuals to the diary cover design, it would need to be something that is appropriate for the targeted audience so that they would feel happy using it instead of buying a normal diary. A simple and elegant design that still advertises the charity is what most diary covers look like for this particular age group, which is type of design i am leaning towards to in undertaking this design process.

products/ inspiration

Colour palette 1
Colour palette 2
Colour palette 3


"Adobe Color CC". N.p., 2017. Web. 25 Mar. 2017.

Description- KULER colour app used to create colour paletes and mood boards for diary design

"RSPCA Australia". RSPCA Australia. N.p., 2017. Web. 25 Mar. 2017.

Description- This is the official website of the chosen charity in which i used to gain general knowledge about the RSPCA foundation and history. Furthermore i researched the work that they have done as well as their campaigns and how they promote their charity.


"Rspca Logo - Google Search". N.p., 2017. Web. 25 Mar. 2017.

Description- Google images used for RSPCA Logo

JOurnal entry 2


Design Elements

Throughout the process of planning my Diary cover for the chosen organisational charity, the design elements that i am taking into consideration are Colour, shapes, texture and pattern. Only Few of these elements have been included in my design process so far such as colour and patterns. However, my goal is to compromise my ideas within the other elements and how i am going to include them within my design.

Mood Board

In-class sketches

The way they have used and tested different media, materials and methods

The RSPCA charity designs are made to be compelling and persuasive towards adoption promotions to increase the chances of animals finding better and safer homes. The charity has achieved this within promoting their charity on media targeting animals ' big and small' to capture the audience's attention towards the overall purpose of the charity. The RSPCA designs through a range of creative materials for various uses, including stickers for packaging goods when getting sent to customers, convival signage for use at events, furthermore creating print and web materials for special events like such as fundraisers.

how they have experimented with design elements and principles

The charity have experimented with design elements including colour , shapes , harmony , texture and pattern and moreover, unity giving a sense of oneness to a visual image as the words and the images work together to create meaning.These elements are shown within their products to emphasise the significance of the aim of the charity in a sense of expressing their goal to achieve partnership from the audience.

discussing and assessing the most effective design solutions

The most effective design solution during the process of the RSPCA designs has been using their original logo (RSPCA) as well as the original paw print on their products. Through using their original logo on their items, they are advertising their campaign successfully. In terms of creating my diary cover for this charity i am enabling myself to reach the standards of the design principles within the RSPCA charity.

how the solution meets the design brief in terms of purpose, context, audience and constraints, and refinements needed to fulfil the design brief.

The solution of the design meets the design brief. The diary cover that i am working on is going to include the constraints and expectations that are shown within the brief of the RSPCA organisation. The diary cover is going to show relation within the purpose, context, audience, and constraints and refinements, to further create a successful design that will be useful towards the organisation and promotion in advertising their organisation.

use of design process and thinking stratergies

whilst designing my diary cover for my charity of choice (RSPCA) my main goal was to design something similar in regards to the organisations theme, by using animals and the signature colours of the RSPCA. I had started my research about the RSPCA and their contributions towards society in efforts to help all creatures ' great and small'.


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