Descriptive Wirting By aarian

Hi, my name is Aarian Sen i am 13 years old boy. I was born on February 2, 2004, in middle more hospital. My Mum came from India and my Dad came from Fiji Which makes me part Indian and Fiji also a New Zealander because I was born New Zealand. I also have a little brother.

My hobbies are to play games on my phone, computer or my ps4 and play for my soccer club. I mostly like going outside to play games or going to hang out with my friend

When I grow I want to become a soccer player and an electrician because my parents want me to be an electrician and I want to become a soccer player. So when I am older I would have to choose one of the these things option

The logo in my shield represents the school that I go to which is Papatoetoe High School. I have been going to Papatoetoe high school for 10 weeks when I first came to Papatoetoe high I first was in a low class. I don't really know why I was put in a low class but after four or six weeks I finally I moved up to another class where I found was really fun but at the first, the class was bad but know it is very fun.

Allover that is all my things that i did in my shield and thank you for reading my work.


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