Value, Emphasis, and Unity Viva Kinter

My drawing is called Fire Nymph. I put emphasis on the nymph in my drawing by centering it and making it one of the brighter parts of my drawing.i created unity by using a nymph, which is like one with the forest, coming out of the the fire creating its own light in the dark forest. That then leads into value; the fire from the nymph is contrasting against the darkness of the forest.

I created my drawing using paper, pencils, and colored pencils. I used the flowy-ness of the fire to create the nymph. I used a ruler to create the lines for the tent. I also used a circular sketching pattern to create the leaves on the trees. I, lastly, used quick sketch lines to create the trees.

My drawing was inspired by Amy Brown and El Diablo. My sketch is supposed to tell people to keep a fire in their heart and passion in their soul. My goal as an artist is to be able to successfully convey my feelings in a sketch. This sketch did not really help me achieve my goal. But it was good practice and a lot of fun to draw.

I learned that I really need to work more on trees. But the outcome is better than I expected. I don't think my Fire Nymph drawing will affect my future drawings. Even though I had a lot of fun drawing it.

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