A Long Way Gone Maxwell Yaden

To the North of Sierra Leone is Guinea and to the south is Liberia. To the West is the Atlantic Ocean.
Americans wanted the Diamonds, Rutile, Bauxite, Gold, Iron, and Limonite from Sierra Leone.
The RUF, Revolutionary United Front was a rebel group that tried to overthrow the government. They kidnapped kids for soldiers.
Ishmael wanted to explain how children are used in wars in Africa and other countries. He found it surprising that people didn't know it was going on.
Other countries who had children soldiers include: Chad, Colombia, Liberia, Uganda,etc
Organizations against using children soldiers include The Child Soldiers International, War Child, and Invisible Children, Inc.
The United Nations (UN) takes in old children soldiers and tries to help them with the horrors trapped in their heads. They also try and help with things such as drug withdrawals and PTSD.
Ishmael said that music inspired him especially after he saw children like himself.
Ishmael wrote his book in Expository Narrative Writing
Ishmael went to college at Oberlin and is now 36
Interesting Facts: Children were bamboozled and thought the children soldiers bases were safe. The generals and the others fighting got parental bonds from the children. The children were told they have power. The Sierra Leone war was one of the worst in Africa.

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