The Divine The good life Performance

When I entered the building, I immediately felt rejoiced. There were many people taking peoples coats and directing us . When I entered the theater, the lights were on, but they were still dimmed. As I looked at the stage, I realized how hard people must have worked to make that scenery. I felt very comfortable in the theater. Eventually, I arrived at my seat, and since I arrived early, I was able to get pit access. This part of the theater is very interesting because the stage is on both sides of you. When the lights dimmed, and the audience went silent, I got the chills because the I felt so close to the performance. The size of the auditorium was small which contributed to a very comfortable environment. The theater plays a huge role in the good life because all across time people have come to the theater to express their opinions. Without the theater, society would not have much creativity.
Unfortunately, most of my friends took Good Life in the fall so I had to attend the performance alone. I read the guide to the play before going and I made sure that I knew where to go. Being alone enhanced the experience because I was not distracted and instead I was able to focus on the play and scenery. When I arrived there, I met the students next to me so we were able to discuss the play during intermission; this allowed me to clear up any confusion that I had. Being with other in this close environment helps enhance the good life because you can connect with other individuals around a common event.
The central issue addressed throughout the performance was the idea of how a family can come together and possibly even weaken by gaining a higher social class. I understood that back then the church controlled the land; however, I did not know that this took place in Montreal. The performance changed my view on many manners because the younger boy in the film worked in a dangerous factory, so he was able to send his brother to the seminary. This was surprising because his brother was troubled and did not even want to be there. This subject matter does have a relationship to my life because currently, I work to help my parents pay for my college. Although I know this won’t cover the full expense, I can cover the majority of my expenses.
The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us an opportunity for catharsis because the play allows us to see the life of people that live in a church ran society. These people needed to adapt to uncomfortable conditions in order to seek the good life and come clean. However, the older boy in this play came clean after all that he did by going to the seminary.

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