Revolutions in Technology Braden Aspon

Past: The Industrial Revolution


A revolution in farming methods led to a sharp increase population, and many people moving the country to city looking for work.
Meanwhile, we were just beginning to discover the secrets of coal power and Iron production.
And Britain had plenty of money to invest in new business and technology.
As population continued to increase demand for goods grew, and suppliers needed to find ways to produce more and more

Technological Developments

New machines used to spin and weave cloth were housed in factories that allowed the workers to produce goods and at a much higher rate than before.

The seed drill made it really easy to plant seeds and keep them organized so they grew faster and more of them lived.

The new and improved iron along with all this coal allowed them to create the steam engine which increased the efficiency and productivity or work


Some good things that came from this revolution were that this offered many jobs for people looking for them. Also this produced more goods for the people, and this also made them become cheaper.


Some bad things that came from this were that all this production created lots of population in the city and made it very hard to breathe clean air. Also this made everything very unsanitary so it caused people to get diseases.

Another bad thing that came from this was they had a lot of children working because they worked for cheaper and it was very dangerous and easy to get hurt.

Present: The Digital Revolution


A big cause of this revolution was from cheap "throw away" phones, this made it easy for anyone to afford a phone because they are so cheap and easy to access

Another reason the digital revolution is so big is because people's desire to communicate with others but wanting to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

One of the other reasons for this was the telecoms liberalisation, for example before there would be one phone company, one phone attatched to a cord and that's it, now we have all these phone companies that can choose the prices and choose everything.

Technological developments

Phones were a big development in this revolution big brands like apple, Samsung and more have created more phones and newer generations so that we can do almost anything with the touch of our finger.

Social Media is a big development due to all these causes from all the phones and internets, this allowed people to design apps that everyone would download and use so people could connect through these apps

The last big advancement in the digital revolution would be computers, they do a lot of the things that phones do but they can hold a lot more data than before, can run more programs at once, and also higher internet speeds so you can look things up faster and more efficiently


A good side to all these digital advancements would be how easy it is to communicate to someone pretty far away very efficiently.

Another good thing that comes from this is in a way the helps people with transportation for example, people can order an Uber or a Lyft and they will come pick you up and take you to a desired location in no time.

The last positive from this would be the easy ability to access information from the internet in no time pretty much no matter where you are.


Although it is good to be able to do so much with a couple of touches of your finger, that's also a bad thing, causing a big distraction during work, school, and even while driving. Due to this many people have died while on their phone while driving.

Another bad thing about this digital revolution is that "online predators" have become an issue, typically older people pretending to be young teens trying to get other kids to meet them, kidnap them, and sometimes even worse.

The last downside to all this technology is that people have no privacy online, something you think is private between you and the intended recipient of the message/email/etc. could also be seen by many others you did not want to see what you had sent.

Future: The Warfare Revolution


I believe a reason for this future revolution of the warfare revolution, would be so we could attack other countries if we needed to whether to help allies or help ourselves from terrorism.

Another reason the revolution will come about is because people will want protection if anyone tries to attack us so we will be able to fight back.

The last reason this revolution will happen because it good save the lives of many soldiers risking their lives for countries.

Technological Developments

In the future one the developments that could be made are robot soldiers that are harder to kill and have better speed, stamina, and aim so less humans have to die

Another development that could be made are self flying drones that could spot enemies themselves and kill so real people wouldn't have to fly and risk death.

The last development that could be made is a wall, not to keep immigrants and refugees out but keep attackers out so they can't come in and have acts of terrorism


A good thing that would come from this is that other countries would have to eventually accept we are too powerful and would end up not wanting to go to war anymore.

Another positive would be that less people would die, like a lot less people since there aren't as many soldiers getting g killed in the line of fire.

The last positive to all of these advancements would be that this would create a safer place in America with less acts of terrorism with better security and protection


A downside to all this is that it would cost a lot of money to create all of it and we don't have all that money.

One other negative is that instead of other attackers backing off they might join other countries to try and team up on us to create an undesirable fight.

The last negative is that all these robots aren't 100% error free so they could have an error when needed most and could fail the country at any point in time.

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