A Less Lit Liberty By griffin Coggins

Dave Casewell, head of Liberty university's unit and facility maintenance, should consider switching from florescent lights to LED bulbs to help save the university money.

Major university building such as Demoss Hall, Green Hall, The Science Hall, The Music Building, and the Freedom tower could be the focus of the upgrades in order to save the university the most money.

Liberty University has 14,600 residential students currently attending, and each pay roughly $10,000 each semester. Based on the income off residential students alone, Liberty is making $280,000,000 each school year.

Liberty has 385 professors on staff. The average salary for a University professor is $100,000 a year, which means Liberty has at least $38,500,000 being spent each year on most faculty.

With additional employee and unit costs, Liberty spends roughly $250,000,000 each year.

After doing some simple math, I realized Liberty University still has $30 million to spend. Upgrading the 5 major university buildings would cost the university $100,000 each, including the cost of labor. The upgrade will be easily achievable according to Liberty's funds, and end up saving the university additional money.


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