Frost By Ayden

One Cold winter day, I was walking to school with my friend. Jimmy, He is my best friend and we are both in seventh grade. And we are both thirteen. By the way my name is junior Myers. Some of you might think of me from the movie Michael Myers but no. My friends also like to call me Chicken. And it is the end of winter break. We were talking about what we got for christmas . Jimmy said he got an ambulance that went WE OH WE OH WE OH WE OH.

But now we are back in school and then the doors shut behind you and then it feels like there is walls closing in from all directions. Everyone is talking about what they got for christmas. But then you here something on the roof something that you have never heard of before. Then you hear a loud BOOM on the roof it is the snow It is falling down. You hear another loud BOOM the snow hit the ground. You try to open the doors but they don´t open you tell everyone to push the door open but it doesn't work instead you are now stuck in school. We look back and you see everyone look at you and they have terror on there faces. So you come up with a plan to help everyone.

And I say go get all of the blankets and pillows in this building. So they all run up stairs and back down trying to look for blankets and a whole bunch of kids come running down saying that someone froze and they can't move. You can see their breath when they talk. So I said try to go see who was frozen. They go up and a window is open the person next to the window was bad Ben and next to him his evil twin brother Ed everyone was afraid of them. I told everyone that everything was going to be alright so I told them that a window was opened. And then I saw another kid come running down saying that he heard a loud BOOM. So he said that the vents broke and know one knew how they broke. So then I told everyone to stay calm I will go talk to the principle. I told the principle that a window was broken and the vents. By the way are principal's name is Mr.Sammy he is a really nice principal . When we were talking we heard another BOOM it was the vents. I started to feel a breeze going threw my shirt and then it started to crawl up my back. Another BOOM the vent broke smoke started to come out and then you could hear the breeze coming in. it started to get colder in Mr sammy's room and then Boom the widow was cracking then it shattered everywhere but before the glass hit the ground it was frozen. Then the cold started to come in and the principal froze I started to run I slammed the door shut.

I ran over to the janitor's room and he was frozen blue. He was blue as a blueberry. I tried to see what happened and I saw that a mouse was chewing the wires. So I grabbed the mouse and I threw it at the wall then stomped on it. And blood went everywhere even on the janitor. I saw a blue wire cut a black wire cut and a red wire cut. I tried to twist the wires back together. Until I felt my left arm go numb then my feet then it started to go up to my waist then my chest i tried to hurry up when all of the sudden my right hand had froze I tried to stay calm when I felt something in my head that hurt a lot. It felt like a really bad brain freeze until my mind went blank. I was Stiff like a lion trying to sneak up on his prey.

Everyone was waiting for 30 minutes. But someone said where is Junior he has been gone for a long time. So jimmy started to run to the janitor's office. Jimmy was trying to run as fast as a cheetah. But Jimmy has never been on ice the whole hall way was slippery. Everyone was scared JImmy did not want to give up so he tried to stay still on the ice ……………...Until……...HE fell on the ice landing on his arm. Which had snapped it his bone was out of place. He made it to the janitor's office.He read the numbers on the temperature it read -101 .When he saw me frozen solid he saw only one wire cut so he tried to connect the wire when he heard the vents start to work. Everyone started to thaw out when…………………………….The temperature started to go too high. It did not stop the temperature then read 105 degrees.

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