Valenzuela David Valenzuela

El Paso star on Franklin Mountains

El Paso stands on the rio grande river across the Mexico-United States border. The "sun city" is where i have called home for over 40 years.

My Family

Mom & Dad Brother and I My sister

This is my family. My brother is the oldest, i am the middle, and my sister the youngest. We all grew up in a sports oriented household. Mainly soccer.

I started playing soccer at a very young age, where my father was my coach and my mom was a soccer mom. We spend a lot of our weekends at the park, games and tournaments.

Soccer Tournament in San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco homes

Soccer Park

One of the highlight of my youth soccer career was a tournament we had in San Francisco. It was a big tournament with a lot of teams throughout the United States. Besides the tournament we went sight seeing. One of the things i liked was eating at the fisherman's wharf, and also going to Santa Cruz.


This is the college i went to. I majored in Education and minored business management. I also played soccer for UTEP, where i had a great college soccer career.

Me Playing Soccer at UTEP

In 2000 I had my son, David. He took after me with his love of sports. He plays Basketball for Walker Valley high school in Tennessee. I am a very proud father of what he has accomplished and his goals for college.

My son in front of the Rose Bowl stadium before a soccer game.
My Wife

In 2010 I med my beautiful wife Shannon. We met working together at a local retail store, she was my best friend and i new i wanted to make her my wife.

In 2012 Shannon and I got married
Dinner Reception

In 2013 my beautiful daughter Allie was born. I could not be more proud to have a son and daughter.

My daughter Allie at 1 years old
My wonderful family

Of all the things i have done in my life. My family is my greatest accomplishment


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