How we express ourselves By: TomoTAKA

Week 1

Week 2

Putting our interest

In week 2 we had to put our interest to the paper of the topic of the exhibition. We had a town hall meeting with grade five. I learned we need to be hard working and how we express ourself.

Knowing each other

In Tuesday we learned how to make the line of inquiry questions. In Thursday we got to know our group and I was in sport team. The teammate are Kabir, Agastya and Primo. I learn their like and dislikes. I got to know what they

Startting to make the main things

I have learned how to make the central idea, line of inquiry and wich concept they come in. I have also learned how to make them better.

week 3

Town hall meeting

Start making the main things

In Monday we had made the essential agreement for our group. Then we have start making the central idea and the line of inquiry. The central idea is People express themselves through sports by applying their mind and body and the three line of inquiry is Different types of sports, Application of skills/techniques and How sports connect us in our daily lives. We have mete our motor the and told us some chage in the first line of inquiry

Respect others opinion, Collaborate & cooperate, Have good time management, Communicate well, Stay committed to your topic, Use the magic words(sorry, please, thank you welcome etc.) and Stay Organized and be Responsible

TAKP sport

1. we have to start working and finish the first line of inquiry 2. we should paraphrase my work. 3. ogenisess the work 4.we should do the reaserching fast.

finish the line of inquiry 1 because we need to finish early

week1- the week one it was all about tuning in. i understud a lot from week 1 week2- udersand a lot of exhibition. week3-started the exbition and felt good

Exit ticket-i used to thing my team was not consteting. Now i thing it was a good team.

Week 4

Exhibition work recount

* We have understood the team member’s idea and what there personally is. The bright activity help me know about the team members

* We have made the essential agreement for our group to make no confect. We got some idea of the to make the central idea.

* we have made the wish descriptor we are doing to help us made line of inquiry. Then we have made line of inquiry.

* we have made the question and the concept for to make the research faster

* we have meat our mentor and they have corrected us in the loi.

* Our teammate are doing the loi 1

Thinking Skills

Acquisition of knowledge- I started to use specific fact to gain more knowledge about learning new word when I research

comprehension-I summarized information about the football and the kendo and put on the doc

Application-I explored different option when I started making the adobe spark and organize it

Analysis- I made connections between ideas and facts about the what they did and how did they feel

Communication skill

Listening- I listened carefully in different situation inside/out side the school like the mentor meeting and what the my teammate are saying.

Speaking- I expressed my ideas clearly, thoughtfully and logically by making the doc with have the all the inforation in it

Reading- I understood main idea from the text from at graft with show the what olinpic did the Indian hooky team win.

Writing-I used note-taking for the mentor meeting for the PE department question

Week 5

Learner profile reflection

Today I was a good thinker because I told some idea we can use and they used that and they told me it is a good idea.

On the weekend I was open mined because my team was working slow and I thought I could do at home finish it and keep the work faster and quicker

word picture

list your research

The different type of sport LOI 1

  • What are the different types of sports (ex.Football)
  • How and where did these sports originate (ex.ancient China)
  • Who plays that sport (ex.roman people)
  • How these sports became famous

Application of skills / techniques LOI 2

  • How do we apply our skills/techniques to play these sports
  • How do different types of techniques make different sports unique

How sports connect us in our daily lives LOI 3

  • How is sport connected to our daily life
  • How we can apply our mind and body to pursue sports
  • How we can stay fit through sports
  • How sports can change our fitness method

Research skill

Formulating Question- I made up question that i could research and find lots of information about in different type

Observing- I created ideas that were used to conduct an experiment when I watched video

Planing- I began to plan my research when I started researching and don't know where to start

Collecting Data -I used the internet to collect data for the LOI 1

Recording data -I took notes full of main points without copying sentence and paraphrasing it

organizing data - I made obervions and conclusion about the data i got and put in my word

Group organization Rubric

Week 6

Sorting out in the Inquiry Cycle

Black hat Reflection



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