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Addition & Renovation Completion 2018-2019 School Year

Existing Area before Constructioon

The preparation work needed for the underground utilities and foundation at the addition site is in progress.

Contractors have mobilized their resources to start all earthwork.

January 2017 Updates

Renovations have begun at the existing restrooms, including the required demolition at various isolated locations.

February 2017 Updates

A site walk was conducted with the contractor and school administration to review and confirm the site lay down areas, the fencing plan, and the construction traffic routing. All required building permits have been issued. Installation of a temporary construction fence, a silt fence and a construction road are in progress.

Building pad and road continues

MArch 2017 Updates

Select fill dirt was installed to elevate the building pad to the established grade. The detention pond has been excavated. Currently, the existing sanitary sewer line is being re-routed around the building pad and the storm sewer line is being installed.

Sanitary sewer re-route

Storm water inlet installations

Installation of the Storm Water Interceptor

Installation of the Storm Water Line to the Detention Pond

April 2017 Updates

Construction continues with pier concrete pours, and the installation of the underground electrical and plumbing lines. Alternative methods for the new building foundation are currently being priced due to unforeseen conditions. The installation of the storm water line to the detention pond is complete. Career and Technology Education equipment is being relocated in preparation for renovations.

May 2017 Updates

Technical Education Lab Demolition

Drilling and concrete pours for the foundation piers at the building pad for the new addition are in progress. All equipment and furniture in the Welding Lab, Wood Shop, Technical Education Lab, Pre-Veterinary Lab and Dance Studio have been relocated to a secured warehouse in preparation for demolition. Demolition in the Dance Studio and the CTE classrooms is in progress along with the installation of mechanical ductwork and piping for the electrical and plumbing connections. A portion of the the new addition’s power supply is installed at the existing bus loop.

Drilling Starts
Concrete pour for the foundation piers

Pre-Veterinary Lab Ductwork

Pre-Veterinary Lab trench backfill

HVAC ductwork, electrical piping and framing installations are in progress in the CTE classrooms. The underground plumbing in the Pre-Veterinary Lab and the Welding Lab is installed. Installation of the underground plumbing in the new Technical Education Lab is in progress.

June 2017 Updates

Room 500 forming rebars
Concrete Pour in Room 522

Relocation of all items in the additional classrooms and administration offices scheduled for the summer renovations began June 1, 2017 after student dismissal. Demolition of the ceiling grid, ceiling tile and light fixtures is in progress in the vacated spaces. Floor protection is in place at the corridors.

Floor preparation in hallway 500 wing
Floor preparation in hallway 600 wing

June 2017 Aerial View

Restroom Demolition

Panel Installation Starts

Pier shaft drilling and pier concrete pours for the new addition’s foundation are complete with the exception of the (6) piers in conflict with the existing sanitary line. The remaining piers will be installed once the sanitary line is re-routed.

Flyover of Aldine ISD Construction Sites

Paneling Continues

July 2017 Updates

July 2017 Aerial View
The concrete slab for the New Addition is in place. The installation of the fire line and fire hydrants are complete with the fire lane installation in progress.

The installation of the framing and drywall for the walls in the Career and Technology Education (CTE) classrooms are complete with the ductwork and electrical work also nearing completion. The installation of new flooring, new paint, ceiling grid and lights is near completion at the classrooms along the 100, 300, 500, 600, and 700 Corridors. Demolition is complete at the student restrooms along the 100, 300, 500, 600, 700 and 800 Corridors with the new plumbing installation in progress followed by the framing for the new chase walls. The wall framing and drywall is complete at the administration areas and Counselors’ Suite, and the wall primer and paint applications are in progress. Wall panel installation is in progress along 100, 300, 500, 600, and 700 Corridors. The Mini Gym roof demolition is complete with the metal wall panels and insulation demolition in progress. Ceiling grid and lights are being installed at the Dance Studio.

Corridor 100 Ceiling Grid and Wall Panels Continues
Mini Gym Roof Demolition
Welding Lab

August 2017 Updates

Restroom upgrade continues

Corridor Wall Panel Completed

Removed Dance Studio flooring

Partition Installation

Polishing concrete flooring

Floor removal in the mini gym

Flooring put down

CMU Block Walls at the New Addition

Masonry Continues
Roofing installation continues for the new additions

All furniture and equipment has been returned to the Technical Education Lab, Welding Shop, Pre-Veterinary Lab and Automotive Shop. The Welding Shop concrete floor has been painted with epoxy paint. All furniture has been returned to the classrooms and administration suites and classes are now in session. Temporary partitions are in place at the newly renovated student restrooms until the permanent partitions are available for installation.

Furniture put back in areas

New Addition Stairs and Decking

The new stage lighting is nearing completion at the Auditorium with the tracks for the new lights installed and the plaster ceiling patched back. New lights and flooring are installed at the mini gym with the mounts for the scoreboard and basketball goals in place. The new dance floor is installed at the Dance Studio.

September 2017 Updates

New Addition Area

New Stage lighting

Second Floor of the New Addition

OCTOBER 2017 Updates

The erection of the concrete masonry unit (CMU) exterior walls is complete for the new addition and the waterproofing barrier is applied. CMU interior wall erection and door frame installation are nearly complete on the 1st floor and 2nd floor wall erection has begun. Mechanical ductwork is being installed throughout the new addition. The air handling unit for the 2nd floor is set in the mechanical room and the chiller is also set. Electrical conduit and panels are being installed on each floor and wires are being run. The plumbing piping required for the restrooms and other plumbing fixtures are being installed. Fire sprinkler piping installation continues throughout the new addition.

November 2017 Updates

Construction continues with wall panel installation at the 700 Corridor with approximately 90% of the wall panels in place. New casework will be installed in the Administration offices and the Dance Studio dressing room over the Thanksgiving break. A new wood floor will be installed in the Dance Studio over the break, as well.

Stairs to New Addition Hallway
Crossway to New & Existing Building

Construction at the new addition continues with the installation of the insulation at the exterior walls with approximately 45% in place at the north exterior wall. The primer coat of paint has been applied at the interior classroom walls on the first floor, and the first coat of red paint is applied on the door and window frames. Concrete masonry unit interior wall erection and door frame installation is near completion on the 2nd floor with approximately 85% of the 2nd floor interior walls in place.

Mechanical ductwork installation continues throughout the new addition. Connections for the mechanical equipment including the chiller and air handling units continues. Electrical conduit and panel installation continues on each floor and wires are being run. Wall framing is in progress at the student and staff restrooms on each floor.

December 2017 Updates

Wall panel installation is complete at the Gym Corridor and 800 Corridor. Wall panel installation continues along the 900 Corridor with approximately 50% in place.
Terrazzo in progress

January 2018 Updates

January 2018 Aerial View

In the new addition, window installation is complete on the north wall and approaching completion on the south wall. Mechanical duct work installation continues throughout the new addition. Insulators are continuing to wrap the piping and duct work throughout the first floor and second floors. Electrical conduit installation continues on each floor and wiring is being run. Network cables are being run from the data closet to the classrooms throughout the building and ports are being installed on the first floor.

Wall Panel In Progress
Terrazzo in progress

Ceramic wall and floor tile installation is complete in the staff restrooms and the student restrooms on the first and second floors. The terrazzo flooring is complete on the first floor and installation continues with grinding, sanding, and polishing on the second floor.

Casework installation begins
New blinds were installed in the classrooms and offices along the 100, 300, and 600 Corridors.

Classroom in new addition is near completion

February 2018 Updates

In the new addition, vinyl flooring is installed on the first floor. The terrazzo installation on the second floor is complete and the stairway preparation is underway. The stairs are being prepared to receive terrazzo. Framing on the connector is complete and the majority of the windows are installed. The contractor started preliminary work to penetrate the existing wing at the connector. Restroom fixtures are in place and partitions are scheduled to be installed within the next week. Ceiling grid is installed throughout the new addition and ceiling tile installation is in progress on each floor. Mill work and casework for the classrooms arrived k and installation is ongoing. Construction of the fire lane is ongoing, as well, and will be complete by the end of the month.

Connector to the existing building to the new building is in progress

March 2018 Updates

Terrazzo flooring on the stairways is in progress.

The last phase in the renovation is currently underway with demolition in the restrooms and the classrooms along the 400 and 900 Corridors.

Light fixtures, ceiling tile, and ceiling grid are being removed from the classrooms and corridors.

Connector to the New Addition

Plumbing fixtures are demolished, and wall demolition is near complete in the 400 Corridor restroom set. Renovations for Phase 4 include new flooring, paint, ceiling grid, ceiling tile and lights in the classrooms, a complete remodel of the Culinary Arts Lab with all new equipment, corridor wall panels, lights, ceiling grid and ceiling tile, and new restroom wall tile, floor tile, fixtures, and partitions.

April 2018 Updates

The existing building Phase IV Renovation is ongoing. Ceilings are removed in the 400 classrooms and the 400 and 900 Corridors. Ceiling demolition continues in the 900 classrooms. Demolition is nearly complete in the 400 and 900 Corridor restrooms and remodeling will begin soon. The Culinary Arts classroom demolition is nearly complete and duct work installation has begun. New air handling units are set in the 400 Corridor with the appropriate connections in progress.

May 2018 Updates

May 2018 Aerial View

June 2018 Updates

Connector to Existing and New Building

July 2018 Updates

August 2018 updates

Gym Locker Area

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