Kansas By: Riley

This is Strataca, an underground museum in Kansas. There is a railroad that stretches underneath the museum, giving the tourists an excellent experience and underground ride. Strataca is located 650 ft underground,

The Kansas cosmosphere is a huge museum of space and stem. Families can experience and enjoy hours of fun and education. In this museum, is a collection of space artifacts world wide, and special remodels of various education tools.

Schlitterbahn Kansas City, is a water park resort opened in 2009, where families enjoy water rides and slides in the summer. This park was announced in 2005 by Schlitterbahn water parks company, and is a huge sensation for water park fans.

The museum world history is a huge museum filled with many models, setups, and artifacts from all around the world. This museum is located in Wichita, a city of Kansas, and is a capitol for eyes to see. This museum is filled to the brim with fun and creative activities, that can and will bring people from all around to see.

The Kansas State Capitol is a magnificent building housing many high rank people in the government. It is huge at 20 acres long, and called the statehouse, being the capitol building. It is located in the State capital, Topeka, and catches the attention of all.

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