Watercolour Tag by kaz boughton

Stick some of the Extra Thin Circles to the tag and give everything a coat of gesso making sure you get into all the nooks and crannies.

Make the gesso in and around the circles very thick.

Dry straight away with a heat gun getting very close to the tag so that you get bubbles from the thick gesso.

Different thicknesses and gessoes may produce different effects, but any and all texture is good! Mine inflated like balloons!

Stamp a text stamp randomly onto the tag and include the raised parts of the circles.

Using your finger, add white acrylic paint over the stamping so it reduces the contrast of the text.

Leave the raised parts as they are.

Put a dab of any Dye Based Inkpad onto a palette, tile or glass mat. You can use watercolours if you have them.

Using water on your brush, gradually layer up the colours. I wanted this to be light and white so left a lot of the tag blank.

You can move the colours about by adding water or dabbing with a tissue or a dry brush.

This was all the colour that I wanted. Don't fear the white space!

Give Butterfly Mini a coat or 2 of acrylic paint.

I've used the paint onto a stamp I made from the Extra Thin Circle. I've done a brief tutorial here: https://spark.adobe.com/page/91nV58t7Y7Fdw/

You'll need to stamp it a couple of times onto scrap paper to stop the paint being absorbed at first.

I've used another stamp with a different colour.

Here's the results.

Doodle around the edge of the tag and the butterfly.

I've used a stamp positioner to make sure I get the text in the right place. This is ideal for unmounted rubber stamps.

To get the right place, place some scrap paper onto the base and stamp the image.

Position the stamp over the part you want to use and then stamp it.

I've used white embossing powder.

Print a phrase and doodle around the edges.

Finally stick everything in place. I prefer to use silicone glue when I have texture as it sticks to all layers.

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