If you want to find a joyful delight in Chicago, Vanille’s Patisserie is a perfect place to go. Since 2002, it has been a landmark of Chicago’s French pastry. Year by year, it has always been a corner filled with romance and happiness.

Entering the little but delicate shop, you will be impressed by the beautiful colors bumping in front of your eyes. Those colorful cupcakes, macarons, tarts, handmade chocolate and candies and are originally created by Vanille’s internationally renowned pastry chefs Dimitri and Keli Fayard. With experience and passion for classic French pastry, they devoted their love and skills into pastry making.

Each pastry is as finely crafted as works of art. Among them, Tiramisu is one of the most popular. Starting with foaming, soft and rich cream melting in your mouth, the taste of it will blossom layer by layer.

Vanille’s inner decoration and packaging also helps with the taste of romance. There is a photo wall featuring classical elegant profiles of France, with gem-like mirrors hidden among them and making you a member of them.

The servers in tidy customs always greet you with sweet smiles. Your desserts will be packaged carefully with customized chocolate-color boxes or served with silver plates, with soft music playing in the background. A bite of Tiramisu and a sip of latte complete a relaxing afternoon.

Vanille is also famous for its gluten-free cakes and a special line of macarons for dogs. Sophie Evanoff, Vanille’s owner, wants this place to be a warm corner of the community. It doesn't offer Wi-Fi so it allows its customers to unplug and enjoy the moment and pastries, rather than be buried in phones and laptops.

Thanks to Chicago’s appreciation, it has opened three stores in this area. Sophie is looking to bring the joy of French pastry into more places.

Grant yourself a delightful afternoon and indulge in the rosy fantasy weaved by Vanille!


  • 2108 N. Clark st.
  • 131 N. Clinton St.
  • 3243 N. Broadway
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Jiaxin Jessie Jiang



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