Egyptian Culture By : Kendrew Chau

Trait 1 : Language

The Egyptians spoke Coptic until the 17th century AD and has been known as one of the oldest languages in Egypt. Currently Egyptians speak Egyptian Arabic which replaced Coptic after the conquest of Egypt.
Although Egyptians now speak Arabic some people speak Coptic at Coptic churches and there are still fluent speakers in modern day.

Trait 2 : Religion

The religion is made up of many things such as include magic, mythology, science, medicine, psychiatry, spiritualism, and herbology. Everyone believed that if someone did something bad then everyone would be affected so it created a harmonic society.
The Egyptians believed in multiple Gods and that they shaped the earth and that the Gods will help them in the afterlife.

Trait 3 : Clothing

The clothes they the Egyptians wore were made up of rich silk, flax plants and linens. Children that lived in Egypt didn't wear clothes until they were six.
Women wore a long piece of clothing that clothed their whole bodies, while men wore a skirts lower or higher than their knees.

Trait 4 : Food and Shelter

-Many of the Egyptians lived in a sun baked house made up of dried solid mud. The Egyptians were very healthy in which they ate vegetables, fruits, and many grains. The Egyptians lived in small houses with a flat roof and a few of furniture.

Trait 5 : Creative Expression

The Egyptians also made sculptures about their gods and what the Egyptians thought their gods look like. Many of the artworks that the Egyptians made were based off their gods and their significant rulers.
The Egyptians always mostly used blue, black, red, green, and gold in their paintings. The paintings were very important in the tombs if the Egyptians because it was the best way to express their complex feelings.

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