The rise of Femtech in Europe 10 startups and scaleups to watch

  • AVA
  • Clue
  • Elvie
  • Natural Cycles
  • KaNDy Therapeutics
  • Pregnolia
  • Aspivix
  • Sonaura/Fertihome
  • Bloomlife
  • OVY
  • reproductive health-B2C
  • multi-sensor bracelet, allowing women to predict fertile days while they are sleeping
  • Switzerland
  • founded in 2014 by Lea von Bidder and Phillip Tholen
  • CEO: Pascal Koenig
  • total investment: 42,4 million euro
  • www.avawomen.com and @AvaWomen
  • reproductive health-B2C
  • using science and data to provide actionable insights into female health. Is integrated in Fitbit and has 1,4 million downloads/month
  • Germany
  • founded in 2013 by Ida Tin
  • CEO: Ida Tin
  • total investment: 29,7 million euro
  • www.helloclue.com and @clue
  • pelvic and uterine healthcare-B2C and B2B
  • Award-winning Kegel trainer that helps women strenghten the pelvic floor. Has partnership with NHS to enhance adherence and reduce pelvic surgeries.
  • United Kingdom
  • Founded in 2013 by Tania Boler and Alexander Asseily
  • CEO: Tania Boler
  • total investment: 11 million euro
  • www.elvie.com and @helloelvie
  • reproductive health-B2C
  • measures basal body temperature to predict fertile days. The only certified contraceptive app in Europe and cleared by FDA
  • Sweden
  • Founded in 2013 by Elina Berglund, Raoul Scherwitzl and Daniel Bromberg
  • CEO: Raoul Scherwitzl
  • total investment: 37,5 million euro
  • www.naturalcycles.com and @NaturalCycles
  • Women's sexual wellness
  • clinical stage menopause drug. Non-hormal treatment for multiple symptoms of the menopause
  • United Kingdom
  • Founded in 2017 by Mary Kerr and Mike Trower
  • CEO: Mary Kerr
  • total investment: 30 million euro
  • spin out of Nerre Therapeutics
  • www.kandytherapeutics.com
  • pregnancy & nursing care-B2B
  • improving pregnancy care by quantitative und objective measurement of cervical stiffness to assess preterm birth risks
  • Switzerland
  • Founded in 2016 by Sabrina Badir and Francisco Delgado
  • CEO: Sabrina Badir
  • total investment: 2,8 million euro
  • spin-off ETH Zürich and University Hopsital Zürich
  • www.pregnolia.com
  • Women's sexual wellness-B2B
  • Pain-free and gentle vacuum suction-pad to steady the cervix during gynecological procedures
  • Switzerland
  • Founded in 2015 by Mathieu Horras, Julien Finci and David Finci
  • CEO: Mathieu Horras
  • total investment: 2,5 million euro
  • www.aspivix.com and @aspivix1
  • reproductive health-B2B
  • Follicle-monitoring at home: make your own sonograms and send them to your gynaecologist to decide upon the perfect moment to get pregnant during fertility treatment. Spin-off of the Ghent University
  • Belgium
  • Founded in 2013 by Jan Gerris
  • CEO: Johan Berlaen
  • total investment: seed-non-disclosed
  • www.fertihome.be
  • pregnancy and nursing care-B2C
  • combining clinical validated wearables with data analytics to track contractions and educate future parents
  • USA
  • founded in Belgium in 2014 by Eric Dy and Julien Penders
  • CEO: Eric Dy
  • total investment: 14,4 million Euro
  • www.bloomlife and @bloom_life
  • reproductive health-B2C
  • combines a cycle app and a basal thermometer to predict menstrual cycling. Ovy has a product for her and for him.
  • Germany
  • founded in 2016 by Eva and Lina Wuller
  • CEO: Lina Wuller
  • total investment: seed-non-disclosed
  • www.ovyapp.com and @ovyapp

FemTech is here to stay and will change the lifes of many women and men. Mainly B2C, these 10 European companies and their CEO's (M/F) received recent funding and change the way women's health is delivered. Keep an eye on them!

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