You Suck Jenna frenzel

The plot of the book "You suck," consists of both high and low points of the story. At the beginning of the book, the authors provides details of the characters and their relationship.

After the first few chapters, it starts explaining what their problems are that they face. Such as; keeping their vampire ways a secret.

During the "middle," Tommy finds himself a "minion." A minion will be the person to help both him and Jody do their daily chores. The minions name is Abby Normal. Abby falls in love with Tommy even though Tommy is in love with Jody.

When the cops get a tip that there are possibly vampires running around San Francisco, they retrieve the names of the vampires. When the cops find Tommy and Jody's apartment, they stake it out. They want to find out what the vampires are doing and how they do their normal day life but at night.

Later on in the book, Tommy is kiddnapped by his fellow vampires. When Jody notices that he is missing, she goes on psycho rampage. Jody interrogates Abby to find out if she knows any information to find Tommy. Abby didn't know anything. Jody made Abby go with her to Tommys store. He works at a Safeway. Jody wanted to see if Tommys co-workers knew anything. When Abby and Jody arrived at the store, they noticed the cops were talking to the workers.

Jody got a lead from one of the co-workers. She found Tommy in a hotel with a dead hooker beside him. Her name was Blue.

After the cops get involved with the death of a hooker, they come to a conclusion. Are the bodies they found actually dead or did they come back alive and become a vampire? The world will never know.


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