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Howe Sound is a long, narrow fjord situated immediately northwest of Vancouver. It stretches 42km along vibrant island communities and ends at the outdoor community called Squamish, BC. With its stunning beauty and rich ecosystem, Howe Sound is the backyard and adventure playground of Vancouverites and the life and livelihood of the people who have called the Sound their home for centuries.

Howe Sound is only now recovering from decades of industrial pollution, and we have spent millions of tax-payer dollars cleaning up these toxic legacies from industry. We’re seeing the herring return, and the whales and dolphins are following them after 50 years away from Howe Sound. However, Howe Sound is yet again under threat with the Federally and Provincially approved Woodfibre LNG Export Facility planned to operate as of 2020 just 7km away from Squamish and directly across from the community called Britannia Beach.

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My Sea to Sky (MS2S) is looking for a Communications Partner to launch a new Vancouver-wide campaign to engage residents in the mission to Protect Howe Sound from unsustainable development.

MS2S is a volunteer organization founded in March 2014 in response to the announcement of a proposal to site a LNG Export plant in Howe Sound, just 7km away from Squamish, B.C. One of the first proposed for Canada.
Recognizing that this proposal would have lasting negative impacts for Howe Sound, MS2S created awareness and educational campaigns to stop the project.

Key issues:

ENVIRONMENTAL - Increased GHG’s of 150,000 tonnes/yr increasing air pollution; Air-cooling system and noise pollution ;

SAFETY - No regulations for LNG Super tankers which carry highly flammable Class 2 dangerous goods and navigate alongside communities;

ECONOMICS – only 100 highly technical jobs; minimal property taxes <$5Million; Removes valuable land from potentially sustainable type industries with 1000’s of jobs.

Our Successes:

Created a community of over 5500 people with a common vision that Howe Sound deserves to be protected for all generations.
+10,000 people signed a Howe Sound Declaration
+200 volunteers
Municipal Governments throughout Howe Sound adopted resolutions banning Tanker Traffic in Howe Sound.

MS2S has repositioned itself beyond the purpose of stopping WoodfibreLNG to an organization that represents the Lower Mainland and Sea to Sky communities in their interests to Protect Howe Sound for Generations to come.

We are looking for a Communications Partner who can assist us in crafting a new brand and marketing strategy for the Vancouver marketplace to engage a broader audience in the Protect Howe Sound Campaign, and help us stand out in the myriad of campaigns and NGO messaging currently overcrowding this target market.

This is a multimedia campaign with the objective to inform, engage, join, and inspire action. Key messages specific to this market need to be crafted and will then be disseminated via canvassing materials, posters, social media, videos, events and advertising.

MS2S team has expertise to create the graphics and update the web design based on feedback.

CAMPAIGN 1 - Protect Howe Sound

Howe Sound is world renowned for its wild natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and the vibrant communities we call home. We value intact ecosystems that sustain and support our communities, our livelihoods, and our diverse local economies. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of Howe Sound, and to generate a movement of people motivated to protect it.

CAMPAIGN 2 - Stop Woodfibre LNG

This campaign aims to continue to share strong narratives on the lack of safety regulations for LNG tanker traffic, the impact of the proposed seawater cooling system on the recovering Howe Sound ecosystem, and the company's history of cutting costs at the expense of safety and the environment.

CAMPAIGN 3 - Stop FortisBC Compressor Station

FortisBC has relocated their proposed compressor station to a new site on Mt Mulligan that threatens the safety and quality of life of nearby residents. This campaign aims to support concerned residents and provide them with the tools and skills they need to mobilize and take direct action to build public pressure on FortisBC to find another site for the compressor station.


Update Brand Positioning: Relaunch website with new messaging that expands to Vancouver target audience and highlights the 3 campaigns.

Strategic Partners: Develop partnerships with Corporate and other partners that provide existing channels to our key target audiences (e.g. MEC, Whole Foods, Patagonia, Starbucks, Lush – events, tabling, postering, POP donations, social media, articles/news)

Educational Events: Develop events for Vancouver and Squamish that focuses on Renewable Clean Energy, present options and the future potential for communities. Educate people on how they can divest and reduce their fossil fuel dependency.

Policy & Politics: Develop materials to help people navigate the Liberal LNG messaging during the Election period and why LNG is no longer a valid option to create Prosperity for BC. MEC AGM meeting- request resolution to oppose LNG export facilities in Howe Sound

Fundraising: MEC grant application due by end of March. Patagonia grant applications due by end of April.

  • Brenda Broughton
  • Chantal Schaub
  • Cheryl Cameron
  • Melyssa Hudson
  • Delena Angrignon
  • Eoin Finn
  • Tracey Saxby


Patagonia - Grant Award
Lush Charity Pot Award


Thanks Rich Duncan for the many photos of Howe Sound and the marine life.

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