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Our world has changed drastically even since when I was in elementary, middle or high school. Students now have access to every bit of information possible and at any time they want to. Technology is everywhere and is accessible to everyone. The strategies and techniques of teaching and education have to change right along with how the world has changed with technology. We need to use technology to our advantage and not be afraid of 'losing control' of our classrooms.

Here are the projects that we worked on in this course.

My 101 Presentation and Page Notes was on the project- based learning model of Competency/ Mastery Based Instruction.

Competency-based learning refers to systems of instruction, assessment, grading, and academic reporting that are based on students demonstrating that they have learned the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn as they progress through their education.

Digital Citizenship Profile

It is crucial to teach our students how to use technology and resources appropriately, respectfully, and honorably.

The HACK Model takes the classroom through a progression to allow growth and confidence in platforms and independent thinking.

In this class we did a lesson for each one of the steps in the HACK Model. It is important to note that when using the HACK Model in a classroom it may take time to move from one step to another. Also once you get to the "K" step, this won't be used from every lesson.

"H" is for Highly Structured Activities

Some elements to this first step in the HACK Model

  1. Teacher Directed Instruction
  2. Build Management & Procedures with using technology
  3. Replacement Activities- students replace information on paper to technology
  4. Build capacity with the device and platforms
  5. Multiple Exposures
  6. Low Rigor
These are the cards that will be used by the students
Graphic Organizer used with paper and pencil
The information is then moved to a graphic organizer on Tools foe Students 2
"A" is Allowed Choices
  1. Teacher directed not direct teaching
  2. Teacher challenges students with more rigor
  3. Students are allowed to learn from each other
  4. Multiple Exposures
  5. Rubric Based

This is a Telligami Presentation as a student artifact.

This is the Rubric that would be used for the Presentation.

"C" is for Consistent Application

Elements of Consistent Application

  1. Teacher = Facilitator
  2. Inquiry/ Project Based
  3. Higher Rigor
  4. Consistent use of technology in the classroom- it is an essential tool
  5. Student choose the platform
  6. Personalized/Interest Based
  7. Rubric Based

This is a student artifact for shapes around the world.

This is the rubric that I would use for this lesson.

"K" is for Knowledge Centered

Elements of Knowledge Centered

  1. Teacher = Facilitator
  2. Student = Owner of learning
  3. Personalized targeted educational goals
  4. Rubric/Inquiry/ Project Based Instruction
  5. Pushes beyond the 'Brick and Mortar" Classroom
Student Artifact of Presentation
The Rubric that would be used for the presentation
An active solution could be starting a classroom garden to donate fresh vegetables to soup kitchens or homeless shelters.
Rubric that would be used for the active solution.
"C"/"K" Presentation

Included in the video is the "K" project that I created on hunger for the classroom. It also includes my rubric that I would use for it.

Thank You!

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