The Village of Pulaski Local government

Village sign

Map of Pulaski

Municipal building

585 E Glenbrook Dr, Pulaski Wisconsin,54162

The Issue I Choose

I choose the issue regarding the resolution of authorizing and approving police department school rescue officer. Currently the local government has been meeting and discussing the matter of the agreement and discussing to approve it. I personally agree with what they are doing. They are agreeing to look over the matter and discuss whether it is good for the community and to resolve and authorize the problem.

My Solution

I would do the same thing. By holding local officers in the public schools they will be able to better understand what the students need to mature, and will be there to help them succeed and follow the right path. As for the approval, I agree with it. As long as they don't try to discipline the student unnecessary, I am fine with this approval.

My Other Issues

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