What I Miss About Home And The Things I Don’t

Home, the place or person that allows you to feel 100 per cent safe, comfortable and at peace.

Home is where you go to rest and lounge around. A place where you belong and are needed. Home is the people that encourage you to grow and take chances. They praise you when you’ve accomplished a task and console you if something goes wrong. Home for me is Chesley.

Last year I had to move away from home to attend college. The RAs in my hall were supposed to hold a group meet and greet, but they told us that they didn’t want to do it because of the effort needed. Instead, we were lectured in our rooms. My roommate wasn’t there, she wouldn’t move in until the next day.

I was two hours away from home, knew no one and felt the anxiety of starting college in two days building up until I felt like I was going to be sick. This feeling stems back to my paranoia and high levels of panic.

I missed my mom. I missed my dog. I missed my purple bedroom. I missed knowing that I was surrounded by people and places I know. To this day I still miss it when I am at school during the week, but the city has grown on me.

The city has grown on me so much that I don’t ever plan to fully move back to Bruce County. There are no jobs in my field, clean shopping centres or good grocery stores. If you want to do anything you have to drive a few towns over, so you need a car or money for taxis because there are no public buses. The city all around just feels like the better place to be during the work week.

Here I have multiple transportation options. I have career opportunities in the city. The city also has much better shopping (and even more stores).

By coming to the city I have had the chance to experience new adventurous. I have gone out to bars that are clean, walked the downtown of Kitchener and interviewed artists. Through college I have got an amazing internship with Faze Magazine. With Faze I’ve got to interview celebrities and motivational speakers. I now am attending Sadie’s Last Days On earth movie premiere in Toronto. Here I will meet the cast and crew, other media representatives and fans. Without moving away from home I wouldn’t have had these mind blowing experiences.

Home will forever be Chesley, but as I grow more comfortable in the city I am finding that I don’t miss it as much. Kitchener has become a third place for me to feel free and at peace. Transitioning from a small town to city living is easier than I accepted. I now have my own apartment and take myself around the city on the buses. I can catch a train or Greyhound and go to visit my friend in London.

I miss Chesley because it is my first home, but it’s a home that I have moved on from.

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