ISSUE NO. 1 January 2019


United In Excellence


To educate and graduate students who specialize in one of three themed magnet pathways: International Education, STEM and Visual & Performing Arts, who are well versed in the academic knowledge and practical experiences necessary to succeed beyond high school; who are critical thinkers and innovators; who are courageous and self-reliant; and who challenge the status quo while enriching their community, country and global society.














Cynthia's Message

Cynthia E. Ritchie, Superintendent of Schools

It is with pleasure that I introduce you to one of our new communication tools, entitled Our Schools At A Glance. This publication aims to keep all constituents engaged, informed and inspired by sharing the many things happening, in schools and departments, throughout our school district. Our Schools At A Glance publications will be produced three times per year: fall, winter and spring. We are thrilled to be able to share such comprehensive district information with you. As Superintendent, I continue to be most impressed with the collective efforts and accomplishments of all who work to support multiple initiatives happening throughout the district.

District Improvement Plan

NLPS 2021

NLPS' Four Pillars of Action

Our new District Improvement Plan entitled, NLPS 2021, grounds each of us in four main pillars which all center around the success of our students. This plan was developed with input from members of the school community, is grounded in research and helps us acknowledge and celebrate the successes of the past, areas in need of improvement and next steps for moving forward. Each of the pillars of the plan are centered on a Theories of Action (“if, then” statement) which share an overview of the direction of the focus area. Additionally, you will find themes that promote alignment, accountability (new district targets), equity, communication, teamwork and relationships filtered throughout our new plan.

NLPS 2021 also centers us in our newly adopted vision, to be United In Excellence. Specific goals and actions listed in our plan will continue to bring forth new teams and new collaborative opportunities for all to work together to accomplish our vision and our mission, to ensure students succeed. Equally as important are our new School Improvement Plans (SIPs), written by leadership teams in each school in conjunction with staff and parents, which are now aligned to the framework, pillars and goals of the NLPS' District Improvement Plan. We are excited about the collective accomplishments that will occur as each member of our school community strives to support the goals and initiative of the district in a "united" way.

United in Excellence


Preschool - 12th Grade
English Language Arts and Mathematics

Highlighted first in our District Improvement Plan is Focus Area #1: Student Achievement. Students achieve when there is a focus on high-quality curriculum and instruction, that is aligned to CT Core Standards and delivered in differentiated ways to meet students’ unique learning needs.

Elementary and middle school English Language Arts classrooms (K-8) are in the process of adopting a Reading/Writing “workshop” approach to the delivery of instruction. This means that lessons are balanced with a mini-lesson aligned to curriculum standards and pacing, time for students to participate in guided and independent reading and writing experiences and time for students to communicate, collaborate, share and present their thinking within a safe and nurturing classroom. New leveled books, that feature high-interest topics and that come written in various independent reading levels (and in Spanish), have recently been purchased.

The district is continuing to utilize the core mathematics program from Pearson, entitled enVisionmath 2.0, as its core mathematics program in grades K-5. Like English Language Arts, the expectation is that mathematics instruction is delivered in a variety of ways utilizing a workshop approach to instruction. Students need to be exposed to a mini-lesson and then be given time to actively problem solve utilizing a variety of tools including hands-on manipulatives to get to various solutions. enVisionmath 2.0 offers students opportunities to utilize a variety of on-line technical resources as well. Parents are invited to learn more about the enVisionmath 2.0 parent connection pieces. Please contact your child's math teacher for information.

The middle school is in the process of reviewing and researching various mathematics programs for possible adoption in the near future.

The high-school level is implementing recently adopted English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics curriculum, which is offered to students in a variety of academic levels.

This fall, the district worked to research and adopt a robust variety of research-based intervention and enrichment programs to assist students with their individualized learning needs. These K-12 programs are new, are high-interest to students and will allow both educators and parents additional data points on how each child is progressing through various stages of academic proficiency in a variety of skills in the areas of ELA and mathematics.

SRBI Systems

Scientifically Research-Based Intervention Systems (SRBI) are also in place for any child who needs additional assistance in either academics or social-emotional development. SRBI is a regular education initiative that offers students additional, small group intervention support, aligned to their unique needs on a temporary basis. Please click the link below to view the state's Family Guide to SRBI.

Bilingual, ESOL, and World Languages

The district welcomes Maribel Olivero to Central Office as the new Director of Bilingual, ESOL, and World Languages.

The mission of the Bilingual, ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages), and World Languages Department is to provide all second language learners with programming that will ensure academic success.

The Bilingual & ESOL team collaborates with teachers and administrators to provide high-quality instructional programs for English Learners (ELs), designed to develop proficiency in English and support the native language, while meeting challenging state of Connecticut academic and content standards. Students with diverse language backgrounds who are learning English as a new language will be provided programs to enable them to access the curriculum, thus, leading to academic excellence and proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, comprehension and writing skills.

The World Languages' team strives to promote learning a foreign language and enable students to communicate effectively in the target language (Spanish, French, or Arabic). At the high school level, students are eligible to receive the Seal of Biliteracy based on evidence of achieving the designated level of language proficiency in two or more languages by high school graduation. The Seal of Biliteracy recognizes a student’s academic efforts and the value of biliteracy. New London Public Schools is home to over 3500 students representing more than 25 language backgrounds. We are proud to have awarded the Seal of Biliteracy to 46 graduating seniors in 2018 who demonstrated proficiency and biliteracy in Spanish, French, and Tagalog.

Parent University

Parent University is another new way for us to build strong home-school partnership to ensure students achieve. NLPS’ Parent University will offer robust learning opportunities, on a variety of topics, that will aim to foster strong home-school connections as our parents/caregivers continue to serve as our partners in supporting students in their success. Research shows that “Regardless of family income or background, students whose parents are involved in their schooling are more likely to have higher grades and test scores, attend school regularly, have better social skills, show improved behavior, and adapt well to school” (Henderson, A.T., and K.L. Mapp. 2002. A New Wave of Evidence: The Impact of School, Family, and Community Connections on Student Achievement. National Center for Family and Community Connections with Schools, Southwest Educational Development Laboratory).

Parent University will run from January to June with two workshop sessions for learning being offered during each month. One workshop will be an evening during the week and the second will be on a weekend. This means there will be 12 opportunities for staff to teach, and for parents to learn alongside each other and with staff during the winter and spring months. A catalog of workshop offerings will be shared early in January. We hope you will be able to join us in these adult learning and collaborating opportunities aligned to various aspects of our District's Improvement Plan.

To Educate & Graduate


Taryn R. Bonner, Director of Talent & Human Resources
Staffing & Recruitment

In order to better serve the district in carrying out our mission, United In Excellence, it is our hope to attract quality candidates to strengthen our district and to assist with achieving our district improvement goals.

New London Public Schools has several employment opportunities across the district, including the Executive Director of School and Family Support Services; the Athletic Director; District Grant Writer; Paraprofessionals and Substitute Teachers. All of our open jobs are available at www.newlondon.org. We continue to work collaboratively with building leaders and various stakeholders, including the New London Federation of Non-Certified Personnel and the American Federation of Teachers to develop creative strategies to recruit qualified and certified staff to support our students. We welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about these positions to please visit our website or come in and meet the HR Team in Central Office to obtain additional information or to apply.


Engage & Recognize Excellence


Kristina Jordan, Executive Director of School & Family Support Services
Project Prevent Grant

This is the final year of implementation for the Project Prevent federally funded grant. Project Prevent serves to increase the district's capacity to identify, assess, and serve students exposed to pervasive violence, helping to ensure that affected students are offered mental health services for trauma or anxiety; support conflict resolution programs; and implement other school–based violence prevention strategies, in order to improve academic and behavioral outcomes. Professional Development provides ongoing Trauma-Sensitive School trainings to all of our building-based staff though our partnership with Child and Family Agency. Through our partnership with Safe Futures, Restorative Practices professional development was offered to district staff. Second Step, an evidenced social and emotional curriculum, is being implemented in our district schools.

Specialized Instruction

Special Education teachers and Regular Education teachers from BDJMS and New London High School attend a series of workshops sponsored by the State Education Resource Center, which outlines the best practices implemented for Universal Design for Learning. UDL incorporates teaching methods to remove barriers to learning and affords all students equal opportunities to succeed. School teams consisting of Special Education, Regular Education and ESOL teachers from all district schools attended a workshop provided by Dr. Colon-Rodriguez from CES which highlighted the best practices in the assessment and instruction for English Language Learners.

High Hopes Foundation

Students in self-contained, in-district special education programs attend High Hopes Therapeutic riding programs for 6-week sessions. Programming is made possible by the generous financial support from the High Hopes Foundation. Students participate in therapeutic horseback riding and equine assisted activities and therapies. Families are encouraged and welcome to visit High Hopes programs with their children.

Supporting Students


Robert Funk, Executive Director of Finance
FY2019-2020 Budget Development

We are beginning our budget preparation process for the 2019-2020 school year. As expected, our budget will be built aligned to the key components featured in the NLPS' 2021 Strategic Plan. Our plan features a strong commitment to student achievement, through the building of multiple teams and department endeavors, that promote coherence, in order to work collectively towards achieving the district’s vision, mission and goals to be United In Excellence.

The Ad-Hoc Board of Education Special Commission for Budget Policy Review Committee has continued to work behind the scenes monthly, to identify new strategies for our upcoming budget development process, with policy recommendations that were recently approved by the Board of Education. These revised practices will promote shared efficiencies, the highest levels of transparencies, equity, and alignment in spending to support our district’s vision, mission and goals.

Parents, guardians and community members are invited to join Superintendent Ritchie at Community Coffee Hours to offer input and share ideas. Ideas and suggestions can also be submitted on our district website.

The FY19-20 recommended budget will be presented to the Board of Education and the community over a series of multiple days as workshops, to be able to share New London Public School’s “story” of strength, of need, of past and of future. Following these workshops, the Board of Education will deliberate the proposed FY19-20 budget, to adopt a final budget to present to the City of New London by March 15th, 2019.

February 13, 2019 WORKSHOP ONE

February 14, 2019 WORKSHOP TWO

February 20, 2019 WORKSHOP THREE

February 21, 2019 WORKSHOP FOUR

February 21, 2019 PUBLIC HEARING


New Transportation RFP

As we come to the end of our three year transportation contract, the district plans to release a new Request For Proposals (RFP) in February 2019. We hope to have a new district transportation contract in place for the new school year by May 2019.

Follow Your Path


Kathleen H. McCoy, Executive Director of Strategic Planning, Government & Media Relations
3 Pathways: International Education, Visual & Performing Arts, STEM
Lottery Season

2019-2020 6th - 12th grade lottery results will be released to families by late January. Make sure to keep an eye out for emails and text messages from SchoolMint with your student's results. Families can still submit applications for the Applicant Pool.

Open enrollment is currently underway for Kindergarten - 5th grade applicants for the 2019-2020 school year. To enroll new students or to request a pathway change, make sure to submit your Kindergarten - 5th grade applications for the 2019-2020 school year lottery by February 22nd. Families must submit applications for siblings to attend. Computer access is available in the Welcome Center and at some of the schools. Please contact us at 860-447-6000 for more information.

District Magnet Updates

1-2-3 Secondary Pathways Transition
Magnet Pathway News

In alignment with the district's transition to a Multi-Magnet Secondary Plan, developed in conjunction with Connecticut State Department of Education, our former middle school Leadership Academy is transitioning to an International Baccalaureate (IB Candidacy). Our middle school staff will be launching our Middle Years International Baccalaureate Program (IB Candidacy) for students in 6th - 8th grades.

In addition to this transition, we look to highlight our three distinct, comprehensive magnet pathways - International Education (IB Candidacy), Arts, and STEM - to offer students and families high quality programs and unique learning opportunities. Over the next few months, Harbor School will make the transition to provide students with a comprehensive STEAM program. STEAM joins Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Families will be updated as STEAM implementation progresses.

BDJMS Campus, Science & Technology Magnet High School and New London High School are also preparing for a transition to become the new Multi-Magnet Secondary School. The new Multi-Magnet Secondary School will house all secondary 6th - 12th grade International, Arts, and STEM Programs and students will attend at two secondary campuses - BDJMS Campus and NLHS Campus. Campus construction is already underway and began with the renovation of the high school track. Keep an eye out for more info to come!


International Education is currently enrolling New London students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. The district is currently seeking International Baccalaureate certification for the International pathway. International Baccalaureate (IB) is a globally recognized curriculum and theme. Learn more about IB programming by clicking the link below.


Visual & Performing Arts is currently enrolling Connecticut students in Kindergarten through 10th grade. Visual & Performing Arts provides students with the opportunity to study the major arts disciplines, including music, dance, theater, visual arts and media.


The district's first complete pathway, STEM, is currently enrolling Connecticut students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. STEM incorporates areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with a coordinated approach to learning.

New Construction Projects


Two New Campus Construction Projects

Construction is underway! In preparation for the transition to the new Multi-Magnet Secondary School, and after years of planning, New London Public Schools and the City of New London broke ground on the first phase of the multi-phase North Campus (NLHS) Construction Project. North Campus Construction commenced with the new track at the New London High School Athletics Facility on July 2, 2018. The South Campus (BDJMS) Construction project kicked off with the selection of an owner representative.

The New London Multi-Magnet Secondary School will provide programing across two campuses. The future South Campus construction site (BDJMS Campus) will house STEM 6th-8th grades and International Education International Baccalaureate (IB) 6th-8th grades Pathways, and the future North Campus construction site (NLHS Campus) will house the International Education International Baccalaureate (IB) Pathway 9th-12th grades, STEM 9th-12th grades and Visual & Performing Arts 6th-12th grades Pathways.

The district will keep families and the public updated on the multi-phase secondary construction projects via our district website. Make sure to visit our district website for important updates.

Improve Student Outcomes


PowerSchool Briefs

Tracking Attendance

The PowerSchool and District Attendance Teams attended their first Peer Learning Network Meeting, held by the State of Connecticut. The NLPS' Team discussed the ongoing work with attendance data and showed other Connecticut districts how displaying attendance data on our PowerSchool dashboards, and creating custom reports, has helped to lower the chronic absentee rate in New London. Schools mail weekly attendance letters, in both English and Spanish, to parents of the chronically absent students. This aids the district in tracking students' chronic attendance and has helped to dramatically reduce absenteeism in the district.

Re-Enrollment/Student Updates

PowerSchool accounts are now set up for all district parents to complete the 2018-2019 Student Update Re-Enrollment Forms. Families can log into PowerSchool and update their student's information via a single sign-on process that connects PowerSchool and SchoolMint.

Expand & Enhance


Communications Goals

In line with our goals, as listed in NLPS 2021, the district is making great efforts to communicate frequently and regularly with all in a variety of venues. Effective communication is two-way communication that should allow for the open exchange of information-both listening and sharing- from all parties.

Our New Communication Avenues

Bi-monthly Community Coffee Hours with Superintendent Ritchie

Coffee & Conversation

Monthly Community Dinner Hours with Superintendent Ritchie

Dinner & Conversation

Online Community, Staff, Students Input cards

Give Us Your Feedback!

New Monthly Podcasts

New District Podcast

Bi-monthly written reports and Monthly Informational Presentations to the Board of Education

New District Logo and Website in 2019!

1:1 and small group meetings with the Superintendent and other Central Office department leaders.

All are invited to request a meeting at any time. To request a meeting please contact The Superintendent's Office at 860-444-3187.

Join our new district Twitter account: NLPS2021

Our new, district-wide comprehensive newsletter, “Our Schools At A Glance” (3 issues per year) You are reading our first edition! ☺︎

New London Parent University


Our district utilizes SchoolMessenger to send important notifications to our families. With SchoolMessenger we can send important information about events, school closings, safety alerts and more! You can participate in this free service by phone call, text message and email!

To opt-in to receive text messages from the district, text "Y" or "Yes" to our district's short code number, 68453

PowerSchool is the online software tool we use to house your student's information. You can access PowerSchool to check on your student's progress, school attendance, grades and comments, class schedules, lunch balances, and the daily bulletin. You can access SchoolMint Re-Enrollment to update your student's information. With PowerSchool our goal is to increase communication and collaboration with parents, students and teachers. PowerSchool allows you to get more information about your child’s education while encouraging students to take increased ownership of their learning. To access PowerSchool you can create an account to login. PowerSchool can be accessed from your mobile device and you can view each of your students' information with a single login. Contact your school to get your PowerSchool Access ID and Access password.

The New London Food Service Department is committed to providing a variety of appealing and nutritious meals at no cost to our students through the Community Eligible Provision (CEP). All of our meals meet or exceed USDA guidelines and the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act nutrition standards. In partnership with families, the community, and our city, our food service program strives to provide fuel to learn, assisting students in achieving their maximum potential.

After All, Healthy Children Are The Best Learners!

Winter Season


Is your student interested in joining a club at school? If so, please contact your school’s main office to get more information!

Boys' Basketball

Craig Parker, Head Coach; Arnie Delarosa, Assistant; Jason Pellum, Freshman

Eight Time State Champions

Coming off of a 17-7 Season, the Boys' Basketball Team is young, but looking to make some noise this year!

Girls' Basketball

Holly Misto, Head Coach; Arianna Dolock, Assistant; Missy Parker, Freshman

Two-Time State Champions

Coming off a 21-1 Season, the Girls' Basketball Team made it to the Quarterfinals Class LL last year. They are looking to Return to Mohegan Sun this year!


Mike Gorton, Head Coach; Kenny O'Brien, Assistant

Defending Champions

As the defending ECC Champions last year, this year's wrestling team is lead by All-Star, Jacob Commander.


Gunnar Tonnesen, Head Coach

New Season

It's a new season, and with a new coach, the NLPS' Swim Team is looking to have a great year.

Indoor Track

Kendell Walker, Boys' Head Coach; Samantha Wasilefsky, Girls' Head Coach

New Coaches

The Indoor Track Teams have two New Coaches this year and are looking to have a Fantastic year!


Chris Baker, Head Coach

This Year's ECC

NLPS' Fencing has some really great talent, and the Fencing Team is looking to win the ECC this year.


Debbie Huntington, Head Coach

ECC Champs

New London's Cheerleaders are this year's defending ECC Champions and they look to repeat last year's big win.

Enriching Community, Country and Global Society


Students of the Month recognized by the Board of Education
CB Jennings Dual Language & International Elementary PS-5

50 Mercer Street, New London, CT 06320


Alanis Rodriguez Carela, Nathaniel Ortiz, Jowell Toro

October, November, December Students of the Month
Candidate School for the Primary Years (IB Candidacy) Programme

CB Jennings School is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. IB World Schools share a common philosophy - a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education- that we believe is important for our students.

CB Jennings 5th graders will be guaranteed seats in the 6th grade International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (Candidacy) for the 2019-2020 school year, as the district makes the transition to three secondary magnet pathways.

Fiesta at CB Jennings

On November 16th, C.B. Jennings Dual Language and International Elementary held their annual Fiesta at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School, to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month. It was a fun night for all with great food, music, and dance, with performances by Grupo Yawa Llajta from Peru, Grupo Folklore Latino from Colombia, and Latinos in Action. The Fiesta included dance lessons offered by Ms. Pinky, basket raffles, and face painting.

Harbor Elementary School PS-5

432 Montauk Avenue, New London, CT 06320


Teairra Waugh, Daniel Shpak, Jayda Morin

October, November, December Students of the Month
Harbor School Making the Transition to STEAM

Harbor Elementary School is making the move to STEAM! Starting in the Fall of 2019, Harbor School will bring together the best of the Arts and STEM into one comprehensive learning experience for its Kindergarten through 5th grades. The STEAM focus is set to spark Harbor students' imaginations and exploration skills. Harbor students will get hands on instruction in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Arts, as creativity builds the groundwork for scientific study.

Harbor 5th graders will be guaranteed seats in the 6th grade International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (Candidacy) for the 2019-2020 school year, as the district makes the transition to three secondary magnet pathways.

We look forward to working with parents, staff and students to implement our new magnet focus!

Burlington Coat Factory Fundraiser

In September of 2018, a donation of $1,100 was made from our local Burlington Coat Factory, in New London, CT. The funds will be used to purchase flexible seating for primary grade students for Ms. Cancel-Baez's classroom. The management and cashiers at Burlington reviewed Ms. Cancel-Baez's proposal on adoptaclassroom.com and decided to turn it into a local fundraiser in our New London community. The campaign raised $1,100 with contributions from New London families, including current students and former graduates! Ms. Cancel-Baez's class wanted to display their gratitude by writing a Harbor thank-you card with all of the students signatures at the bottom. Ms. Cancel-Baez, PTO president Olga Vokolou and Principal Foster, made a personal visit to Burlington Coat Factory to show their appreciation for all of their hard work and persistence in reaching their goal to raise money for Harbor School. Thank you to the staff at Burlington Coat Factory for making a teacher's dream become reality.

New Playground Coming To Harbor School

Construction of the new Harbor playground has begun! The current playground is being dismantled in order to facilitate the addition of the new playground structure. Our families will be updated as the project progresses.

During playground construction, all parking for staff and buses will be reassigned.

Take A Veteran To School Day

Harbor is proud to have brought together an amazing group of veterans, partners, staff and students for the Take A Veteran to School Day! Take A Veteran To School Day encourages schools to connect veterans with young people to hear their stories of service and learn more about Veterans Day. Your attendance and support is extremely valuable to our ongoing effort to offer students and staff members valuable experiences, where diversity is celebrated as a strength and collaboration, and leadership and relationships are valued as essential to all that we do.

2018 Foster Grandparent Program

Harbor School has been chosen as the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foster Grandparent Program Location of the Year for 2018.

Harbor was chosen from among twenty program locations in the Eastern Connecticut area. Harbor is lauded for its staff’s dedication to giving their Foster Grandparents value. Harbor School was recognized by Big Brothers Big Sisters in December at their Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.

Food For Flannel Friday

Food for flannel Friday was a huge success! Harbor collected well over 250 items! Way to go Harbor Crew!

Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School K-5

37 Beech Drive, New London, CT 06320


Momin Rafique, Madelyn Jones, Ahmad Jacob Venturini

October, November, December Students of the Month

Great things are happening at NHAMS this Fall and Winter!

Seussical Kids At The Garde Arts Center

Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School is in the rehearsal process for their production of Seussical Kids at the Garde Arts Center! Over 80 students are participating in this community production, both on and off stage.

Flock Theatre Partnership

Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School is partnering with Flock Theatre, through a state grant, to research the impact of storytelling and performance on reading fluency in 4th grade.

4th Annual Best of Readers' Choice Awards
Readers' Choice Award Recipient Maryssa Wallace and Principal Carlos Leal

Maryssa Wallace has been awarded the Readers' Choice Award, which recognizes the best businesses and individuals in Southeastern Connecticut and Southern Rhode Island!

New Unified Sports Program

Teacher Julie Boiselle applied and Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School was awarded an $800 grant to begin a Unified Sports Program for students in 2nd - 5th grades. Financial support is granted by The Connecticut Association of Schools, Special Olympics/Unified Sports.

Winthrop STEM Elementary Magnet School K-5

74 Grove Street, New London, CT 06320


Jayna Fleischmann, Emmy Hallisey, Jailene Baltimore

October, November, December Students of the Month
4th Graders Explore The Sea

Winthrop STEM Elementary Magnet School 4th Graders are exploring the sea during their current New England Science & Sailing (NESS) enrichment cycle. Students used their iPads to virtually explore coral reefs and then practiced modeling to create their own corals.

Check out this awesome coral reef they made!
Winthrop Students & FUSE

Winthrop's fourth and fifth graders have been working with FUSE Studio during their 90-minute technology class. Students in FUSE have access to a diverse suite of challenges. FUSE challenges, the learning activities of the program, are designed to introduce STEAM concepts and skills in an engaging and enjoyable way. Students choose the challenges they want to work on and progress at their own pace, working alone or with others. Challenges are based in STEAM topics likes 3D design and printing, robotics, architecture, music mixing, animation and more. Two claps for awesome technology experiences! 👏🏼👏🏼 Check out a student's dream home walk through in the video clip below.

Student Accomplishments

Student accomplishments were celebrated at Trimester 1 Town Meetings. Student awards were given for meeting behavior expectations - self-control - participation - accountability - respect - kindness and safety - excellence or effort in content areas (including essentials) - and perfect or improved attendance.

How We Teach Reading

We have changed the way we teach reading. Rather than asking all students to read the same abbreviated story from a textbook, we let students choose books they want to read, and guess what? - THEY ARE ALL READING! It's a beautiful sight to see. Ask your child what book they are reading. Then bring them to the library to get more books they love!

BDJMS Campus: International Education 6-8; Leadership 6-8; STEM 6-8; Visual & Performing Arts 6-9

36 Waller Street, New London, CT 06320


Joarys Cruz Gonzalez, Miliangely Ramos, Nayeliz López Santos

October, November, December Students of the Month
International Education & Dual Language Full Program

International Education & Dual Language (IEDL) is a full program this year and our students are enjoying the opportunity to switch classes among the IEDL teachers. This year, we will graduate our first 8th grade class.

Latinos in Action New Elective

International Education has launched a new elective, Latinos in Action (LIA), that empowers students to lead and strengthen their communities through culture and service leadership. This year, LIA is off to a fabulous start! So far, LIA students have organized two very successful events, including a Parent Night and Thanksgiving Food Drive. Many families came out to enjoy a great time and delicious food at Parent Night, and students collected Thanksgiving Food Drive donations from fellow students, BDJMS and Central Office staff, the NSA Supermarket and TCORS Law Firm. LIA students were successfully able to donate 10 baskets with turkeys to International Education families. LIA students are currently planning to hold more events for students and families. More event info to come!

In addition to hosting great events, LIA students have been visiting Kindergarten and first grade classes at C.B. Jennings Dual Language & International Elementary School and Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School to provide tutoring. Along the way, LIA students are creating strong relationships with their "tutees" and enjoy helping the younger students.



Owen Griswold, Williany Diaz, Maria Serrano

October, November, December Students of the Month
6th & 7th Grade Math

In 6th and 7th grade math, students utilize interactive notebooks to stay organized and demonstrate comprehension of new skills. Students practice math skills in various ways through student-centered activities that promote collaboration and discussion of math. We promote math literacy by incorporating written, verbal, and visual explanations of math concepts.

Student Memoir Writing

The 8th grade Leadership Pathway is currently working on a Memoir Writing Unit. The students are taking real life experiences and focusing on one moment of importance. Throughout the unit the students will use writing techniques, such as blending dialogue, internal thinking, action, and detail to help advance their memoir writing. The goal is to have all students with one published piece of work to include in their writing portfolio.

STEM 6-8


Addison Muggeo-Taggart, Annalia Benitez, Sarai Rezendes

October, November, December Students of the Month
B.E.S.T. Expectations

STEM 6th-8th grade students were recognized for their academic achievement of showing their B.E.S.T. Expectations for their outstanding efforts and community service during trimester 1. We are proud to announce that over 100 awards have been given out to students.

STEM 6-8 After School

STEM 6th-8th grade students are currently participating in many after school activities, including the New England Science & Sailing Foundation (NESS). NESS is an ocean adventure nonprofit that provides STEM-based education programs, on and off the water using sailing, marine science, power boating, and adventure sports as teaching platforms.

Students also participate in the Black Engineering Council (BEC) Mentoring Program to help students strengthen their personal and academic development by building character, promoting successful decision making, and increasing students’ exposure to engineering principles.



Alina Skrabacz, Nevaeh Suarez, Iris Regan

October, November, December Students of the Month
Congrats To Arts Students!

Congratulations to the following Arts pathway students: Emily Hager (Percussion), Alina Skrabacz (Mallet Percussion), Raelyn Lopez (Chorus), and Thomas Ournac (Chorus), who each qualified for the Eastern Regional Music Festival. The festival is scheduled to be held March 9th at Enfield High School. The students worked hard to prepare solos that were performed for a judge in Colchester. The students with the top scores in the Eastern Region of CT qualify for a spot in the festival.

Arts Students Caroling

The Arts Magnet Advanced Band and Choir had the opportunity to go caroling at Foxwoods Tanger Outlets in December.

Community In Action (C.I.A.)

Arts Magnet is proud to announce the creation of the "C.I.A." Our Community In Action - a group of parents and community members who care deeply about New London’s School for Visual and Performing Arts. They will organize events, fundraisers and roll up their sleeves to help the staff and students of Arts Magnet thrive. The C.I.A. hosted their first event, "Downtown Caroling", in December, where attendees participated in an evening of song and cheer.

New London High School 9-12

490 Jefferson Avenue, New London, CT 06320


Olivia Wells, Iyana Gills, Rockenson Charles

October, November, December Students of the Month
ECSU Calculus Student Enrollment

New London High School (NLHS) has the highest number of enrolled students in ECSU Calculus in school history.

Culinary Program

The high school Culinary Program continues to build community partnerships throughout Southeastern CT and sells products to businesses such as ShopRite and Mohegan Sun.

NJROTC Pass & Review Inspection

The NLHS NJROTC Program successfully completed their Pass and Review Inspection and received accolades from the United States Navy.

New Course Coming to New London High School
Top Ranked NLHS Girls' Basketball

The NLHS Girls' Basketball Team is currently among the top ranked teams in the State of Connecticut.

STEM 9-12

490 Jefferson Avenue, New London, CT 06320


Noah Lucien, Justin Lamoureux, Shannon Huang

October, November, December Students of the Month
STMHS Nationally Certified As Magnet

The Science & Technology Magnet High School has been designated as a NATIONALLY CERTIFIED MAGNET SCHOOL BY MAGNET SCHOOLS OF AMERICA after a two-year intensive process of self-assessments, action planning, gathering evidence and demonstrating accomplishments in the vital areas of: diversity, innovative curriculum and professional development, academic excellence, high quality instructional systems and family and community partnerships. We congratulate STMHS on this very prestigious honor.

Making An Educated Choice

After multiple school visits and the many “Making-an-Educated-Choice” Guided Tours, the 2019-2020 application process for Science and Tech closed on January 4th. Families will be notified of their lottery results by the end of January.

Science Events

The Science & Technology Magnet High School Annual Science Fair took place on December 7th, and boasted over 140 exhibits and 25 judges from the STEM industry and educational institutions. STMHS also held its first Science Symposium for families and the community on December 13th.

Math Team Places Fourth

The STMHS Math Team placed fourth out of 17 schools in December's Math Competition at NFA. Congratulations to the STMHS Math Team!

New London Adult & Continuing Education

Shaw's Cove Three, New London, CT 06320

Even Start
CT Storytelling Center visit to the Even Start Program

Children and parents of the Even Start Program participate in a multi-sensory program, provided by The Connecticut Storytelling Center that involves participants in - singing songs, telling stories, reciting rhymes, using finger plays, and playing different instruments - and supports children’s early language and literacy development.

Florence Griswold Museum
ESL Art Collaborative with Florence Griswold Museum

English as a Second Language (ESL) students create art projects, as sponsored through a grant awarded by the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, CT. In the second year of this partnership, held at both the Adult Education site and the Florence Griswold Museum, students are instructed in the art of making biographical face masks, ink prints, paintings and clay bowls. In May 2018, an exhibit of artwork, produced by Adult Education ESL students, was featured at New London’s Expressiones Cultural Center, on Bank Street, in New London.

IBEST Program Certified Nursing Assistant Clinical Instruction

Integrated Basic Education Skills Training (IBEST) promotes career pathways, basic skills instruction and support services. Through workplace contextualized basic education and vocational training, students gain job skills and concurrently pursue education goals of GED, High School Diploma attainment and language skills proficiency. IBEST Students earn credentials as certified nursing assistants through the State of Connecticut examination process.

District Newsletter

Our Schools At A Glance

ISSUE NO. 1 January 2019

United In Excellence

134 Williams Street, New London, CT 06320


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