Art and the Good Life A Trip to the Harn Museum by Kevin Renard

Medium of the Art: The dazzling effect of fine glass art is truly a sight that can only properly be beheld in person, as to appreciate its intricacies. In the tedious and elegant craft of Tiffany and Carder in a medium so quickly associated with fragility, I am reminded of the fragility of our own beauty. Maybe in preserving our own beauty we too need to hide in cases, and in doing so limit who can truly see us.
The Design of the Museum: This grand, open gallery was particularly striking to me, from the moment I stepped onto its wooden floors and the natural light that poured though the windows, I felt something so archaic rise up in me. Filled with art of ancient lands and works inspired and birthed from the Earth, this room connected me to the primeval part of me connected to our Earth as a whole with its naturalistic presentation.
Art and Core Values: Among my many values I hold dear to my heart, a sense that has only augmented the past few years is my championing of social and political equality. I am no stranger to the Guerrilla Girls, but seeing their work displayed is always a delight. They highlight real gender equality with humorous juxtaposed images that reflect the ludicrous nature of gender inequality and strengthen my desire for equality.
Art and the Good Life: Living through one of Spain's most bloody times, Francisco Goya was no stranger to the atrocities man can commit on his fellow man. In the series of prints The Disasters of War, with gruesome imagery, Goya gives us a taste of the terrors his people faced thanks to tyrannical monarchs. Just as we see with King's "Letter...", injustice impedes one's ability to live our own proper lives, only in this case, the subjects are oppressed by war and it's symptoms.


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