The solution U.S. Government vs Native Americans

3 Problems

• Different beliefs about land ownership

• Valuable resources on native land and the U.S. Government/people wanting them

• Broken promises made by the U.S. Government to the tribes

I am a U.S. Senator in the government and I see that we have some serious conflicts between the government and the Native Americans and I believe that our problems need to be resolved as quickly as possible so that there is no tension between the government and the Native Americans. The Natives are not to be underestimated; they have extremely large numbers and very skilled warriors so we need to fix our problems.

The different beliefs about land ownership between the government and the Native Americans was a big source of conflict between them. The government thought that the land should be used for building and industrializing and growing economically while the Native Americans thought that the land should be used to live off and left alone like the way their ‘God’ intended it to be.

The Native Americans also had found several valuable resources on the land that they established. They found gold in the Black Hills. The government heard that they had found gold on American soil then the government immediately wanted to seize their land so they could have the gold for the benefits of the government and taking their land all of sudden was unfair to the Native Americans.

The government and the Native Americans also had severe conflict because of all the promises that the government made that they did not follow through with. For example, the government had told them that they would give them horses and help provide for them but no horses came and no help was ever given to the Natives and they were just treated poorly and not as equal white men.

The most common attempt to solve the dispute between the Native Americans and the government about land ownership was the creation of reservations for the Indians to live on and do what they wish but the reservations were little pieces of land that the government had gotten to decided how big they were and where they were and everything about the reservations was controlled by the government. When the Native Americans had found gold on their land in the Black Hills the government didn’t try to make a deal with the Indians about who got the gold or how they should distribute it; they just barged in with a bunch of soldiers and stormed in and took the gold and disregarded the Indians.

One possible solution that would solve the three problems that I listed above would be to create one central reservation that all the Indians who were willing to relocate could go to live there in peace and not be bothered by the government as long as they did not leave the borders of the central reservation. This one reservation would be a parcel of land that a majority of all the white settlers and government senators would agree upon that way the white settlers wouldn’t get angry. Any Native Americans that were not willing to move to the reservation would be locked in jail. Putting them in jail without a fair trial may violate the sixth amendment is some cases but it is necessary that the government not concede with any counter offers made by the Indians.

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