360 Video Stiching Instructions By: Madi Sagawa

Open up Autopano Video Pro.

Click "file" and then "new project". A window with the files on your desktop should open up. Select the file with your shots in it.

Select the shot labeled "(name of shot).kava" or with the AVP logo. Once you click on it, the shot should open up in AVP.

If you want people to be the main focus of the video, then you can leave it as it is. But, if you don't want people in video, trim the start and end using the red and blue lines until you find a section in the video without people. Make sure that the red and blue bars are at the same place as eachother.

Render the video out of Autopano and change the following things ...

width ~ 4096

preset ~ 4k

click the three dots to change the file name and choose a location for your shot. (best to render it to your shot folder)

Once the video is finished rendering (you will hear a sound from the computer), click the little edit button. It should automatically take you to Autopano Giga.

It should look something like this.

Double click the image and it should open it up in full screen.

It will look something like this.

Check your global RMS (pink box). You want the number to be below 3. Now, go through each icon to improve the quality and to lower your global RMS number.

The first icon you need is the optimize button (red circle). This one automatically improves the quality of your video. Once you click the optimize button, click optimize (not quick optimize with the red dot), and it should look like this)

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