YOUTUBE Optimized setup

It's all about YouTube

One billion users

70 percent of traffic online comes from Youtube

One billion hours of video watched per day

YouTube is a major part of your Social Media Setup and just like blogs.

Other agencies and services do not create YouTube as a setup package rather, charge extra for services and hours for setup.

You are not completely Setup without a proper youtube channel.

YES, IT is NOT EASY. This platform connects across google services, Adsense , and your Website. Creating your playlists and original content is a task.

We tackle this right away with your google set up, create a plan for original videos to build your brand's reputation, and link build your settings to properly drive traffic and educate your audience about your industry.

Here is a list of things you need and features on YouTube

There's much more to YouTube than just this list
YouTube channel creation
Your channel reflects your Brand, gives the information, and other relevant channels that explain your mission.
Channel settings
Visibility & Functionality of your YouTube is started here
Social inter-connectivity
All your major networks available for your audience
Adsense / Adwords
Your insights and advertisements require your Website and adsense setup
Website integration
Make sure each of your Website's pages are used as content creation and following.
Subscribe to channels
Find channels to subscribe
Subscribe to contacts
Subscribe to your contacts channels
Create playlists
Playlists of channels that define your brand and its industry
Optimize descriptions
DESCRIPTIONS and tagging will drive teafic
Create an intro video to your brand
Intro videos are a great way to introduce your brand in your profile page
Create quick videos about your product, project, and or services.
Creating original content for your brand
Channel art
Channel art is specific and sized for YouTube
Donation options
You can create donation buttons for crowd funding or CAUSES
Are you monetizing?
Then set up properly to monetize
Using templates for talent productions
Creating content using talent to DESCRIBE your services using YouTube templates
Creating content for blogs
Using your YouTube to create blog content
Social media content
Create your social media videos on YouTube
Competition monitoring
Follow channels PRIVATELY to stay on top of competition
Viral and trending monitoring
Download trending and viral videos for original content
Engagement scheduling
Schedule time to view and interact with videos and channels
YouTube live
Schedule live YouTube campaigns
YouTube advertising
When you are ready use the youtube advertising platform and display networks for advertising
Youtube is part of our setup. No fine print and no extra charges. We set you up completely.

Though YouTube is a significant task, it is essential for a thorough setup.

We set up your channel with original content utilized within all your platforms and to drive traffic. Ultimately creating your brand's visibility and bringing its mission to life.

Created By
Roly Daniel

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